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DR: So Dr. Ken caves and at the mere sight of a Golden Girl giving him the finger?! I want to slap him myself especially considering Arlene and her cop partner are doing the worst Cagney and Lacey interrogation I’ve ever seen. So now he has to wear a wire around the Russians to get immunity. But Dr. Ken is afraid of his his own shadow, so how this will work, I have no idea. Although, if anyone will flourish in witness protection? It’s Dr. Ken. And he can take his mom and Marnie, who apparently doesn’t want anything to do with Polly anymore. Polly needs a do over with a family who supports her. All the ladies of the “Palmghetto” do.(Michael Kors Brooke Bag)

On the one hand, it’s already fucking happened! So that earns it some street cred right off the bat. But, even if some evil genius intentionally distributed alkaloid toxins to a population to turn them into a shambling, mindless horde, there is no way to make these zombies aggressive or cannabalistic.(Ross Michael Kors Purses)

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Hormone changes that happen during perimenopause the years before menopause when your body starts to make less estrogen can throw you for a loop. The time from one period to the next may get shorter or longer, and you may have heavier or lighter bleeding during your period. This phase can last up to 10 years before you start menopause and stop getting your period for good.(Michael Kors Purses 2019)