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Well, guess what? It’s that very same perception that there are entire schools of fish in the sea that might be holding you back in the real world. As GQ editor Ashley Fetters says, “There’s an illusion of plentifulness. It makes it look like the world is full of more single, eager people than it probably is.” She goes on to describe hitting it off with dudes at bars, only to shy away when it comes to sharing numbers because she “could also just go on Tinder.” Sound familiar? It’s what psychologists call the paradox of choice. In one famous experiment, only 3 percent of shoppers bought jam from a table offering 24 samples, while 30 percent bought jam from another table with just six samples. Online dating is kind of like that, only with far less jam.(Michael Kors Pink Backpack Purse)

This shows up in couple relationship, where men are socialized to prove they wear the pants, by blocking the attempts of the woman in their lives to influence, express her wants and needs, make requests, collaborate, etc. Many men regard sex as the only need, and thus, they reject their partner attempts to get empathically connect, to seek closeness and romance, viewing this as a ploy to for women to emasculate, then dominate men. The rules for being men and women are a set up for toxic relationships, unhealthy for both men and women.(Michael Kors Whitney Large Quilted Leather Convertible Shoulder Bag)

Except for you, Scrooge McLuck, because you’re rich with herpes! While this would normally result in a few depressing phone calls, you chose the right Tuesday to sleep with that 7 Eleven clerk, because herpes has been shown to defend against the bubonic plague. This is probably a holdover from the time of bold knights and fair maidens, when people caught both diseases with astonishing regularity. The herp hates competition.(Michael Kors Outlet Return Policy)

As you age, the sense of smell and taste tend to fall by the wayside, giving up on your rickety frame and jumping ship before they go down with you. Smell goes much more quickly than taste, but since the two are so closely linked, and by virtue of the fact that smells interact with receptor cells to help you fully understand the actual taste of what you just ate, when they leave you all you have left is a basic understanding of the taste of sweet, salty, sour and bitter.(Michael Kors Bucket Bag Crossbody)