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Minimally designed with a concrete and wood interior and spacious bench seating outdoors, high, vine covered walls isolate this three year old beer garden from its warehouse surroundings. Domestics and imports on tap (along with sangria!) are served up from a high tech, subterranean delivery system, while sausages and burgers are available at the Garden Grill window. The space can get congested and frat tastic at times, particularly when the huge custom video wall is showing the big game. In general, at 30,000 square feet, there is room enough for everyone.(Michael Kors Boy Bag)

The settlement comes just two weeks after the New York attorney general subpoenaed all eight Roman Catholic dioceses in the state as part of an investigation into the handling of sex abuse allegations. A grand jury report this summer found rampant sexual abuse of more than 1,000 children by about 300 priests in Pennsylvania.(Michael Kors Mercer Wallet)

Also, it’s like Miss Manners always said: If you’re shooting an anal scene, you’ve got to clean out your butt first. And buttholes can be, well . buttholes. So after an hour of filming, you’ve digested your breakfast, and . long story short, you’ve got to clean it out again. The best way to do that is with an enema. I was having a lot of anal one day thanks to two girls with strap ons, and while I was in the bathroom cleaning out my butt, I saw James Franco next to me washing his hands. Apparently he was making some sort of art film in the same building. Someone walked by and said, “Hey, Mr. Franco!” I wanted to shake his hand, but . butt.(Dillards Michael Kors Bags)

None of the transmissions were acknowledged by the Soviets, but the KGB began taking a hearty interest in the brothers, nevertheless. And then, as if it wasn’t creepy enough that two Italian guys were recording the tortured last cries of phantom space travelers, there was the whole matter of the cosmonauts who mysteriously disappeared from official pictures.(Older Michael Kors Purses)

As a result, every border crossing train has to undergo a lengthy “wheel change.” It’s not quite as simple as putting the old Dodge up on cinder blocks. Rail officials literally have to lift trains into the air, remove the wheels, and replace them with a new set. This process can sometimes take up to three grueling hours, during which passengers are left onboard, locked in their cabins and without air conditioning. It’s not even high enough to pretend you’re on a really boring roller coaster. The craziest part was Dahala Khagrabari, an Indian enclave so far up Bangladesh’s ass it could taste yesterday’s dal. See, Dahala Khagrabari was a part of India surrounded by a Bangladeshi enclave which was itself surrounded by an Indian enclave which was, get this, surrounded by Bangladesh proper. Here’s a map to give you a sense of how drunk the guy in charge of drawing the borders must have been.(Michael Kors Cynthia Bag Uk)