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Lastly, look at their hair. Specifically, look at the direction in which their hair spirals. A study of the hair whorls of 50 gay men showed that 23 percent had a counterclockwise whorl, as opposed to the much more common clockwise whorl. Among the total population, only around eight percent have counterclockwise whorls. Though, once again, we’d love to hear what cover story you come up with to explain to the dude why you’re running your fingers through his hair and studying how it lays. Maybe tell him you found a tick or something.(MK Sloan Editor Shoulder Bag)

Thanks to a string of C list celebrities and low budget websites, the idea of a home sex tape is now more reasonable than ever. Who would turn down a chance to hump on camera? Not me. Not you. Not anyone. But let this be a warning to you: Some things do not belong on camera.(Michael Kors Selma Pink Large Tote Bag)

We mentioned DeMille, one of Hollywood’s early famous producer/directors, was responsible for a number of sweeping epics, including the Charlton Heston classic The Ten Commandments and a handful of other Biblical movies. Well, when you’re making Bible movies, it’s understood that they’re going to involve lions, as they were the animals responsible for devouring the most Christians. And clearly only a real lion would do even audiences back then wouldn’t fall for a cat chewing on a GI Joe doll. The problem was they also weren’t big on fancy camera tricks that would keep the actors separated from an animal that presumably spent all of its time calculating the most effective way to eat its co stars. So here’s a scene from DeMille’s 1919 film Male And Female:Or Hungry Lion And Delicious Co Stars(Little Girl Michael Kors Purse)

Police recovered the inner tube about 200 yards from where he entered the water and are pretty sure he had an accomplice waiting in a boat. What they didn’t recover was any sense of dignity after getting clowned by a guy who watched a Pierce Brosnan movie one too many times. They’ll be better at keeping an eye out next time if someone ever tries to rob the bank disguised as an eccentric hit man with a mustache. Or tries to ski down an avalanche, or something. Or some joke about some other shitty Pierce Brosnan movie.(Michael Kors Outlet Allen)