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We made a few errors, landing on deserted streets, missing turnings at roundabouts and being foiled by roads closed for construction. Google Maps did a decent job. But French motorways come with lots of signs, stacked on top of one another for instance, “A4/A6/A10 Vers/Aroport Orly/Porte de Montreuil/Priphrique Sud.” The Voice of Google Maps reads them all, without pause, butchering the French names horribly. What we learned: Ignore the voice and follow the arrows on your phone screen.(Michael Kors Houston Outlet Mall)

Jeremias has reason to be most proud of the minutiae involved in the restoration of the painted ceilings and cornices. In tribute, a pair of pants stained with the paint used by the Venetian artists who spent many months restoring the frescoes lies in a small alcove next to photographs showing the stages of the renovation.(Bags Like Michael Kors)

I gravitate toward advanced intermediate runs and the occasional single black, and I had plenty of trails to keep me busy all morning. The terrain and pitches are so varied from wide and loping to narrow and angled that I had more options than time or energy to try them all.(Coral MK Wallet)

In 1976, after the show was cancelled, Gene Roddenberry produced a behind the scenes LP about Star Trek. It was a collection of interviews with cast members, mainly about making the show. In most ways, it’s exactly what you’d expect from a record called Inside Star Trek, especially if you thought about what it’d be like to have Star Trek all up inside you.”You know, the Battlestar Galactica was telling me how great it can feel in the sensor array.(Michael Kors Bedford Large Navy Blue Shoulder Bags)

In Season 1, the human character who’s supposed to stand in for the audience is William, a young man making his first visit to the park who falls in love with a female robot, to the point where he risks his life to defend her from his dickhead future brother in law Logan. Eventually, William ties Logan naked to a horse and sends him galloping off into the wilderness. Logan survives, but spirals into a suicidal depression and kills himself offscreen in Season 2. That’s what you get for being mean to the robots, shithead! They’re people too! But you’re not!(Michael Kors Com Bags)