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The drinks are serious business: The oversize ice cubes are hand carved with the cleaver, saw and ice pick mounted on the wall by the bar; the sleek Japanese mixing glasses and bar tools seem designed by engineers. But the space has a laid back, luncheonette air about it, what with tiled walls, tall tables made of salvaged wood, a small open kitchen (with a bell signaling when an order’s ready) and cocktails listed on an aluminum framed letter board. The Japanese whiskies here, including hard to find brands, encompass a vast diversity of flavors and subtleties. (The variety comes from the fact that Japanese whiskymakers are not tied to rules like Scotch and bourbon producers are.) Each selection is listed on a menu with almost haikulike tasting notes, like “Stonefruit, light peat, oak toffee” (Nikka Pure Black Malt, $26) and “Red berry fruits, mild chocolate, spice” (Yamazaki Distillers Reserve, $13).(Michael Kors Sloan Leather Bag)

Good Morning America had a lot of time on their hands and actually checked out buttons in a number of cities, only finding one functional one. It’s important to note that many traffic lights (especially in the suburbs) are sensor driven instead of strictly timed, to the point where sometimes the light for the smaller side street actually never turns green unless something triggers it like a car, or a pedestrian pushing the button so obviously the buttons have to work there.(Michael Kors Bags Delhi)

Sure, we’ve all forgotten a piece of fitness gear from time to time, but some gym goers make a habit of working out in clothing that’s certain to make their sweat session less effective, or worse, destined to get them injured. Once I saw a man on the stair climber wearing cut off jean shorts (hello, chafing?). Another time I saw a woman taking Zumba class in stiletto boots.(Michael Kors Wallet Black And Silver)

If you’re someone who hates the way sand embeds itself in every nook and cranny of your being and/or belongings, then stay away from the Dunes State Park. But you might consider making the sacrifice, as the Dunes are one of the most distinctive camping areas you’ll ever encounter, with miles of rolling sand dunes formed over hundreds of years of movement. These sandy hills offer nine miles of beautiful if also a little grueling hiking trails that are ripe for cross country skiing in the winter, while guests can swim on the beach and fish during summers. The views are spectacular in any season on a clear night, you can see the Chicago skyline across Lake Michigan. Even better, you don’t have to drive if you don’t want to: The South Shore train will drop you off at the Dune Park stop in Porter, Ind., just a short walk from the park’s entrance.(Michael Kors Bag Charm)