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Right before filming was set to begin, the money people pulled $8 million from the budget, making its future uncertain. Even worse, production could not be postponed as McConaughey, who, having lost several bowling balls’ worth of weight for the role, was already set to go live in a McDonald’s to bulk back up for his next project.”I’m coming for you, Dollar Menu!”(MK Kempton Wallet)

Screw Hollywood: It’s not apes that humans should feel threatened by, it’s octopuses. We’ve already covered their amazing camouflage and their deadly poisons what we haven’t told you is that they’re also one of the most intelligent animals in the world. They’ve been observed using tools and solving complex problems. They can move across land and can pour their bodies through the tiniest holes and crevices because they have no goddamn bones. Also, their tentacles have so many nerve endings that they can act autonomously. In other words, their freaking arms have minds of their own.”I have nothing against you, human. My friends here are another story.”(Michael Kors Bag With Three Zippers)

A healthy body produces insulin to control the sugar (or glucose) in your blood stream. Type 1 diabetics can’t produce insulin, while Type 2’s produce it, but their bodies don’t process it correctly. Too little insulin, and your blood sugar levels go shooting rapidly up, like the heart rate of somebody getting chased by a bear. Too much insulin, and your blood sugar eventually plummets, like the heart rate of someone who has just been eaten by a bear. And the effects of jacked up blood sugar are weird. Diabetics describe high blood sugar (hyperglycemia) as slowing everything down and slathering it with whipped cream. Your brain gets fuzzy, and your eyes feel tethered to your head with frayed ropes it really is a kind of high. For one thing, it impairs driving. Zach is usually super cautious about driving on low sugar, but his level plummeted once when he was on the road, giving him muscle spasms. He pulled over and quaffed some glucose gel, which we are sure would’ve looked like an intoxicated person pulling over to get even more high to a passing trooper. So being diabetic is like living in a world where, even with the best control, there are days where you can suddenly become uncomfortably drunk or high at any moment, without any of the fun.(MK Small Wallet)