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The deputy, who had a history of filing false reports yet was still on the force, was charged with running a stop sign, but not for lying about the crash. None of the deputies who claimed to have smelled alcohol on the woman were disciplined, either. Despite suffering only minor injuries, the deputy was put on medical leave for months, which he used to get out of making child support payments. (Michael Kors Bucket Bag Tote)

Well, that’s where prevention comes in, and that starts with paying attention. Violent street criminals, like most of us, prefer doing things the lazy way. In their world, that means picking easy targets. They like sucker punching (or stabbing) distracted people, using the element of surprise to end a confrontation before it begins. With practice, though, you can adopt the posture of someone who can’t be surprised.(Michael Kors Tan Crossbody Purse)

Broke in must have had the right kit for the job with them and made a hell of a noise the place was locked up like a fortress. I just don understand how it could happen right under their noses. Take a look at what a million dollar house looks like in each capital city.(Tk Maxx MK Bags)

Watching what you eat is a good start. Exercise also matters a lot. Besides cardio, you should also do strength training. Lifting weights or working with resistance bands will help you build muscle and, in turn, curb insulin resistance when your body doesn’t respond to the insulin it makes.(Michael Kors Australia Outlet)

The cougar’s status in the species hierarchy has changed significantly over the years. Where once you could get a bounty for killing one, hunting is now strictly controlled, or in the case of California, outlawed altogether. California, coincidentally enough, is also the place that’s experienced that sixteen fold increase in attacks over the last 25 years. We don’t want to pass judgment on complicated environmental issues or anything, California, but it’s probably safe to assume the increased cougar maulings are not because they disapprove of your state’s irresponsible handling of its recent budget issues.(MK Mercer Bag)

Hiking from the Grand Canyon’s South Rim to its North Rim and then back rim to rim to rim, or R3 for short is the most epic hike in this national park. (Not counting off trail adventures.) The only thing that surpasses its beauty is its difficulty: It is 42 miles long and includes about 11,000 vertical feet of ascent and descent.(MK Outlet Online Usa)