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Which one do you think works? The second one, right? The first is just manipulative bullshit, the second is imparting actual, helpful knowledge. But you’re wrong a recent study found the “why” ads made a huge difference in helping people quit, where the “how” ads did nothing whatsoever. Here’s the reason, and this is crucial because a huge portion of the modern economy is hoping you don’t figure this out:(Navy Blue MK Purse)

You and pretty much everyone else will immediately try the same tactic: Do something nice for them. That’ll win their heart! Take care of some task you know they hate, bring them a cup of coffee they didn’t ask for. There are millions of “nice guys” in the world who right now are doing little favors for pretty girls for this very reason if he does enough nice things for her, then she’ll associate him with friendliness, trustworthiness, loyalty and pretty much everything a girl could ever want. And that may very well be true . for a while, and provided she’s looking for a dog.”I have a better chance of humping her leg, and I’m neutered.”(Purple Michael Kors Purse)

If you’re slammed for time or would rather have a few more gulps of coffee skip the shadow. But if you’ve got even 30 extra seconds, apply some to further define your eyes. Dennis recommends Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks, which she says are long wearing, work as both an eyeliner and shadow, and are easy to blend.(Brown Michael Kors Crossbody Bag)

You’re running around after your marathon sex epic high fiving strangers on the street, but keep in mind that you basically just spent the runtime of Return of the King lightly sanding your partner’s genitals.”Shit, hold up. I forgot to do the epilogues too.”. (Check My Michael Kors Bag Serial Number)

Former addict Nicki Hari, 50, was given her first codeine dose at just 14 after having her tonsils out Get daily news updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersThough given by GPs for legitimate ailments period pain, headache and chronic conditions many patients complain of becoming addicted, with little support getting off the drugs.Thousands like Nicki Hari buy over the counter packs of co codamol after finishing their prescribed supply.Co codamol a mixture of codeine and paracetamol is banned without a prescription in America and Australia.The UK’s analgesics market is worth an annual and shoppers can pick up a packet in any pharmacy. (MK Small Bucket Bag)