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In 1911, Vincenzo Peruggia had only worked at the esteemed Louvre Museum for one month when the young Italian first encountered the Mona Lisa. Feeling that the famed painting belonged back in its native Italy, Vincenzo spent the next three weeks researching. He studied the museum’s entrances, exits, the locks and he even profiled the security guards and found that their “lazy work habits” were perfectly suited to his purposes. After a careful period of casing the joint and its inhabitants, on August 21, 1911, he pulled off what was referred to at the time as the crime of the century.(Michael Kors Outlet More Like This)

Unsurprisingly, he assumed he was going to die. It wasn’t just a working knowledge of how the human body handles exposure to cold weather that led him to this conclusion, either. That police in Saskatoon would routinely take First Nation people picked up for being drunk and disorderly to the outskirts of town, often during the winter, and tell them to sober up on the walk home was common knowledge in the area. The act of doing that actually has a name. It’s called a “Midnight Blue Tour” or “Starlight Tour”, and that it was commonplace in Saskatoon was more like a legend at the time, but one based on the fact that, over the years, several First Nation people in Saskatoon turned up dead of hypothermia on the edge of town, for reasons that no one could ever really explain. His story prompted human rights watch group Amnesty International to issue a report criticizing the pattern of abuse against First Nation men by police in Saskatoon. It had all the makings of a huge international news story when the two officers involved, Dan Hatchen and Ken Munson, were finally sentenced for their crime . in September 2001.(Michael Kors Black Bucket Bag)

Do we think Desna is in denial? She has Zlata’s number as far as the Hussers go “She’s trying to strip the Hussers of all their dignity” but is she being honest about her own situation? “What I’m trying to do is get us on the other side of this before she ruins everything we’ve worked for.” Sure, OK. But what’s Desna’s exit plan here?(Michael Kors Wallet Women Pink)

You could keep it and hope friends and family never find it, so long as you know they will. Someone always will. You can’t keep a mysterious unlabelled video or disc sitting around and not expect someone to stumble upon it and not think “I bet this is homemade porn” because that’s what everyone will think. Your aged grandmother, the one who’s pouring the egg nog at the end of your home porno? She’s going to be going through your cupboards one day trying to dust your shit and see that DVD sitting there and she’ll briefly ponder trying to put it on a record player, not even understanding what’s going on, just knowing that something in her decrepit, ready to be horrified DNA is insisting she see what’s on that disc.(Michael Kors Small Pebbled Leather Camera Bag)