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He expresses Nora’s anxiety and restlessness, both as an individual and as a wife, by never allowing the actors to sit still. They address each other furtively, often in profile, walking past each other in a highly stylized living room that’s monochromatic and cluttered with glass walls, screens and mirrors. From the opening shot, Fassbinder’s camera tells us that Nora’s marriage is already over. Carstensen implicitly understands this direction. She projects a woman listening to the death knell of her marriage and relaying the tragedy of its ending to the audience. The question isn’t if Nora’s going to leave Torvald but when.(Michael Kors Gold Hamilton Bag)

If you really want to get the most out of therapy and learn about yourself, commit to being honest, first with yourself and with your therapist. Otherwise, frankly, it’s a waste of time.Below, Brittle and other mental health practitioners share a few common signs that a client may not be telling the whole truth. (MK Vii Canvas Gas Mask Bag)

In 2005, nine female bison wandered off Gerald “Buzz” Berg’s farm and joined the morning rush hour in the suburbs of Baltimore. For several hours, they galloped away from the reach of a dozen police and tactical team personnelin cruisers, a helicopter and ATVs. They traversed highways, fields, forests and back yards.(Michael Kors Navy Leather Bag)

Emily wouldn’t trust the rest of the staff (all women) with James. Once, she slapped a nurse and said, “That bitch stole my leather panties and didn’t even bother to give them back. I’d kick her out on the street, but that little girl of hers wouldn’t survive, stupid tart.”Dementia Patients Are Like WerewolvesResidents who are mildly demented (yes, that’s the official term) are relatively normal for most of the day. They enjoy all the activities that one typically assumes the elderly do: knitting, scowling, walking up and down pathways complaining about their various aches. But when the sun sets, they go nuts. They scream or cry. They have no idea what’s happening. They demand to be taken to their rooms (even if they are in their rooms) or start trying to get their cows out for milking (“Sometimes, that’s not a euphemism,” clarifies James; the patients actually hallucinate cows). The symptoms are collectively called “sundowning.”Sometimes the best you can do is keep them comfortable and try desperately not to get milked.(Michael Kors Red Bag 2013)