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He then made sure that his parents, who were with him, didn’t know anything about it, probably using the old “Hey, look over there, and continue to do so while ignoring the grotesque sounds and spray of blood coming from this general direction.” Most intriguing about this might be the fact that the Lion came “roaring” toward Samson, and yet he still killed it so quickly that his folks didn’t find out. Big points for efficiency, right there.(Michael Kors Red Shoulder Bag)

There have also been days when I’ve been annoyed at the (admittedly minuscule) additional weight that my tumbler, water bottle, reusable tupperware or bag has added to my daily baggage. I’ve also lost count of the many times I’ve accidentally thrown away my plastic salad bowl, before sheepishly fishing it out of the trash, and the many occasions I’ve mechanically accepted a plastic bag from a store before hastily returning it to the shopkeep.(Michael Kors Outlet Backpack Purse)

For those unfamiliar with NATURAL Joins. They join two tables on every column name that exists in both tables. Which is really cool when you have a 4 column key and you’re sick of typing it. The problem comes in when Table1 has a pre existing column named DESCRIPTION and you add a new column to Table2 named, oh I don’t know, something innocuous like, mmm, DESCRIPTION and now you’re joining the two tables on a VARCHAR2(1000) field that is free form.(Michael Kors Black And Brown Wallet)

We’re not going to do a bunch of crazy flavors, Leichtentritt says. “Instead we will have one style of fresh made cannoli shells and a simple, authentic cannoli cream, which we will make in house and fill to order. food truck has been making inroads over the past several months. The brainchild of newlyweds Steven and Danielle Stitz, Good Waffles combines their passions he’s been cooking in the Charlottesville area for more than a decade, including a stint at the Clifton Inn, and she’s a graphic designer by training.(Michael Kors Purse Burlington)

Smoke and Mirrors is most famous for a minigame called Desert Bus, a sarcastic response to Janet Reno and the anti violent video game legislation at the time. You play a bus driver that has to drive, under 45 mph, from Tucson to Vegas. The trip takes 8 hours in real time and the poorly aligned bus drifts off the road if you aren’t paying attention. If that happens you’re towed, in real time, back to the starting point. If you finish the soul crushing trip, you are rewarded with 00000001 point and the opportunity to drive back to Tucson. But you know, even without the wit, it’s still more fun than Waterworld.(Michael Kors Perforated Bag)