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Bullshit! you might say. “You can’t judge me based on yesterday! I was really tired when I got home from work, and just wanted to chill!” Hey, I’m not judging you! I once lost an entire Wednesday afternoon trying to get a hat to stay on a rabbit. But if you think yesterday was an outlier, then go ahead and tally up the last month. If you’re like me and every single person I know, your two lists the things you said were important and the things you actually spend time and energy on bear no resemblance to one another.(Michael Kors Garnet Wallet)

For example, in one study, researchers made a lady go out into the mall and ask people to fill out her survey. On the day that she wore a Tommy Hilfiger sweater with a visible label, 54 percent of people helped her out. Not bad, right? Just wait on the second day, when she wore the same exact sweater with the label removed, only 13 percent of people took the survey. In another study, researchers who were wearing designer clothing collected twice as much in charitable donations as those who were wearing plain clothing. In another, subjects judged a job applicant in an interview as more worthy of the job, recommending a 9 percent higher salary for the one with the label. The label always won.(Michael Kors Red Bag)

During a 2012 campaign stop in Virginia, Obama made the biggest gaffe in his career when he said of American businesspeople “You didn’t build that.” Everyone knew that this was yet another example of the secret Marxist shitting on the very foundation of American enterprise. He was telling business owners that their hard work and personal sacrifices didn’t count for squat everything is mutual property to be distributed to the masses.(Michael Kors Black Clutch Purse)

In the media, there is a phenomenon called a “hot mic,” a sticky situation wherein people who think they aren’t being recorded start talking like there isn’t a microphone broadcasting their every word. presidents admitting to sexual assault. But no mic has ever been hotter than the one that picked up Ronald Reagan telling the whole world he was about to commence a nuclear holocaust.(Cheap MK Crossbody Purse)

Since the center’s inception, workers have removed more than 10,000 bones from the excavation sites. Reddick confirmed my friend’s information: Most fossils are from long necked sauropods, which include the camarasaurus, diplodocus, camptosaurus and apatosaurus. The quarries sit atop a bone bed where an ancient stream washed bones together in a river channel and buried them in silt.(Costco MK Bags)