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It’s not a mystery why you treat attractive people well now: You want them to have your sex. There’d be no reason to discriminate against ugly chicks when you where a baby right? Wrong. It turns out you’ve been favoring hotties since the doctor smacked you. In a 2004 study in the field of weird shit we can make babies do, a UK scientist made several babies look at two pictures. One of those pictures was of an attractive woman, and the other was of a non attractive woman. Out of these babies (all of seven days old, max), almost 100 percent looked significantly longer at pictures of “attractive” people than “unattractive” people.(Michael Michael Kors Newbury Leather Tote Bag)

But, hey, there has to be something out there, right? Couldn’t you intentionally set your course for some cool looking part of the galaxy? Well, maybe, provided the nebula or other gas formation is still there when you arrive. All the pictures we have now were made with light that took many thousands of years getting to us. By the time you arrive, the whole thing could have collapsed into a new generation of stars or been blown to the far ends of the universe.(Michael Kors Woven Leather Bag)

Except, that is, Argentine ants. As you probably guessed by their name, these buggers are from (and were supposed to stay in) Argentina. Despite that, they’re all up in California’s shit, as well as the shit of every other continent except Antarctica. They are, first and foremost, invaders, ranked among the 100 worst animal invaders of all time. They’re not playing some important positive role in our ecosystem because they don’t even belong here, they’re just creating a blind trail of destruction and domination.(Michael Michael Kors Bedford Medium Tassle Convertible Shoulder Bag)

Facebook Twitter Pinterest InstagramBefore his 1st birthdayThis is the time for air travel and quiet, relaxing trips. The infant stage, believe it or not, is a travel opportunity. Babies sleep a lot and just about anywhere so you can catch the next plane to Cabo. “I took my three month old to Israel for two weeks to meet her great grandparents, and it was awesome,” says Ayala Livny, a mom from Somerville, MA. (Michael Kors Black Studded Wallet)

This 144 year old Hell Kitchen mainstay re booted itself a few years ago with a renovation, a good scrubbing and an almost miraculously upgraded menu. Once a slightly desperate 11th Ave outpost, it now a destination for locals and tourists alike. Unlike many Irish influenced taverns and pubs, Landmark keeps their juicy take on corned beef and cabbage on the menu year round.(Is Michael Kors Bags Real Leather)