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Most nursing homes rent you a single room with an adjoining toilet (if you’re lucky), so kinky sex dungeons that reek of talcum and communist paranoia are pretty much out of the question, but that doesn’t prevent residents from getting their rocks off. And homes don’t usually put locks on doors in case of emergencies, so staff members are absolutely going to see it happening. “My mother once walked in on a man motorboating another resident’s breasts,” says Luc. “What do you do when you walk in on that? Break up their fun? Supply the comical engine noises? Start a slow clap? My mother’s response was to freeze in place like a cartoon character, then slowly back out of the room.””You should see the speed I can hit when the dentures are out.”(Michael Kors Pink Small Bag)

A 16 year old New Yorker, Sasha Gomez, made the unfortunate choice to steal the phone she found in the back of a cab. The victim had to buy a new phone and when she logged into her account, she found pictures of Gomez along with her AOL screen name, as Gomez hadn’t been a criminal long enough to know that you don’t put your name and photo on shit you steal.(Pink MK Purse And Wallet)

Is falling off a neck pillow really the main roadblock to rippling abs? Are regular situps actually difficult and dangerous? If you think so, you also think it’s normal to run out of breath darting your head toward hot dog smell. You think “lower abs” are the muscles that ghost hunters heave out of the way to search for your penis.(Michael Kors Outlet Store In Mercedes Tx)

Facebook Twitter Pinterest InstagramBefore his 1st birthdayThis is the time for air travel and quiet, relaxing trips. The infant stage, believe it or not, is a travel opportunity. Babies sleep a lot and just about anywhere so you can catch the next plane to Cabo. “I took my three month old to Israel for two weeks to meet her great grandparents, and it was awesome,” says Ayala Livny, a mom from Somerville, MA. (Michael Kors Black Studded Wallet)

DR: I agree, Nina. And as for Dean finding his stride in the “Raining Men” routine, I was over the moon when Desna, Virginia and Polly came together to show support for him in their own way. Say what you will about anything else on this show, but that kind of love is what family is truly about supporting dreams, baby. No matter what aspirations may come to the fore. Next dance routine should be off of Sister Sledge’s “We Are Family.”(Michael Kors Clear Tote Bag)