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A pair of islands offer the equivalent of backcountry camping. But here’s a secret: Anyone can camp (though only primitively) on Washington County trail islands Bois Bubert and Halifax with a free permit from Petit Manan National Wildlife Refuge, which exempted its no camping rule to be accepted as part of the Maine Island Trail. (Snake Print MK Purse)

It’s a sure road to disappointment . except for one day of the year. Every Christmas, little kids will get their first Pokemon game and want to try out the Wonder Trade system, risking losing their cool Starters to end up with whatever the fuck a ZigZagGoon is. And every year since 2013, players from all corners of the internet have been organizing to prevent that. They’ll spend the weeks before Christmas breeding rare or interesting Pokemon exclusively to release them on December 25th, thus flooding the trash dispenser that is Wonder Trade with pure gold. Or if they can’t be assed to do that, they can at least share the informative posters:(Michael Kors Outlet Bluffton Sc)

This base in Pervomaysk, Ukraine about a four hour drive from Kiev once had 86 intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of destroying cities in Europe and the United States. Though the nuclear warheads have been removed, the command silo with much of its equipment, giant trucks that carried the rockets to the base and an empty silo were preserved so that people could see what had been secretly going on at nuclear missile bases in the former Soviet Union. The museum’s collection includes the R 12/SS 4 Sandal missile similar to those involved in the Cuban missile crisis and the RS 20A/SS 18 Satan, the versions of which had several hundred times the destructive power of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima.(Michael Kors Wallet Iphone 7 Plus Case)

Like the Catholic Church centuries before, the museum projects gilded elegance at every turn, reflecting its hefty price tag. Local papers have estimated its cost to be somewhere between $350 million and $560 million (depending on the exchange rate), a sum that left many poblanos wary. The governor of Puebla has said that he hopes the museum will do for Puebla what the Guggenheim did for Bilbao, but it doesn’t seem to be getting that kind of traction, at least not yet.(Michael Kors Diaper Bag Macys)