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The BLU 118/B is just as terrifying. It is “thermobaric,” which means it releases an explosive gas into the air before it blows up. This creates not just a mere localized explosion, but a traveling wave of fiery death that is “designed to tunnel through convoluted caves and pulverize anyone hiding as deep as 1,100 feet inside, and then incinerate whatever remains.”(Michael Kors Bedford Tassel Bag)

You all know the story, and if you don’t, well, spoiler alert for a 12 year old Futurama episode you really should have watched by now: Fry discovers the fossilized body of his dog, Seymour, and is going to have him cloned, but he changes his mind at the last minute when he discovers that Seymour lived for over a decade after Fry had left him. Fry assumes Seymour went on to have a happy life with a new owner, which would be a touching ending, until a flashback shows us that Seymour waited for Fry to come back every day until he died, proving Fry horribly wrong. You then discover that the room you’re in is unusually dusty.(Navy Blue Michael Kors Wallet)

Movie monsters are masters of stealth: They either strike from the shadows, or else hide in plain sight. Cthulhu is sunk beneath the ancient seas, Freddy exists as an abstract concept in the dreamscape and the Predator could literally turn invisible. They wouldn’t be great monsters if you could just look them up in the phone book to leave bags of flaming poo on their doorsteps, would they?(Michael Kors Outlet Nj)

You’ll go back to Boston and your friends will say, ‘That’s not Frankfurt!’ Jo said, as we snapped pictures of the pretty streets. Hochst’s distinctive green, pale pink and yellow half timbered buildings earned it a spot on the German Half Timbered House Road, which weaves through the country, connecting cities and towns that feature beautiful examples of that architecture.(Michael Kors Outlet Atlanta)

First off, it’s worth being aware of your own vagina and how it’s shaped. If you happen to have a shorter vagina or a partner with a long penis (you’ll know if your cervix gets a bashing every time you have sex), it’s wise to choose positions that reduce depth of penetration a spooning style tends to work well.(MK Python Bag)