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As for the iPad’s pleasant surprise price of $499? That was due to rumors leading up to the launch that it would cost $1,000 from sources like Apple Insider. Then in the unveiling, Jobs was sure to mention how everyone expects the device to cost a thousand bucks. He plants that idea in your mind and suddenly $499 looks like a steal.(Michael Kors Brown Logo Purse)

It sure as shit didn’t do much for the courts in Canada. Bowen was convicted solely on the testimony of the two cops who arrested him, and the charges stuck for well over a year. That all changed when one of the arresting officers, Sheldon Cook, was himself arrested for . you guessed it . trafficking cocaine. It was then that a judge finally decided the testimony against Bowen was probably less than credible and dropped the charges against him. A lawsuit was filed and settled out of court, but the effects of the beating Bowen suffered that night ended his career in the CFL.(Michael Kors Limited Edition Bag)