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Janyce Sanford, chair of emergency medicine at the University of Alabama, Birmingham.America under heat stressThis summer’s heat has already claimed at least one life: a 51 year old man in Granite City, Illinois, died because of excessive heat, according to the Madison County coroner. He was found unresponsive in his mobile home, where the air conditioner was not working, according to CNN affiliate KMOV. (Michael Kors East West Belt Bag)

Crunches were so treacherous in the ’90s that millions of the lazy and gullible bought ab rollers. They were like training wheels for your torso. They helped make exercise easier, but unfortunately the word “easier” turns a workout into pointless wiggling. Progress still marched on, so soon ab rollers weren’t easy enough. Rival products began using it as an example of how impossible situps can be. For example, this man from John “Fitness Personality” Basedow’s Fitness Made Simple commercial demonstrates how hard it is for a stupid fucking asshole to keep his head on a speeding Ab Roller:(Michael Kors Outlet Store In Georgia)

After the war, it was discovered that the manual for the German Panzerkampfwagen was full of nudes, jokes, and dirty limericks. This masterpiece was the brainchild of Josef von Glatter Goetz, who had novel ideas on how to warm up his cadets’ learning muscles (among others). And most of the warming up was done by Elvira, a buxom blonde who appeared every few pages to keep the boys thumbing or whatever else helped them get there faster.(MK Bags Co Uk)

Across the street from the cross, Izabela and I head into the basement of another charcoal colored building, and down the steps to a dive bar. (Also nearby is the Museum of Poland under the Communist Regime, which is under renovation but includes a chilling exhibit on Nowa Huta’s vast system of nuclear bomb shelters.) Izabela insists that I try a soda once popular in Communist times. Called an oranzada, it isn’t bad, similar to a flat Fanta.(Michael Kors Libby Gym Bag)

Nicole Zambell of Scotch Plains, NJ, says her 5 year old was swept away by the magic of Disney World. “I’m so glad my child had this experience at an age when he could truly enjoy it and remember it,” she says.Ages 5 to 6Now’s the time for new experiences and amusement parks. (Michael Kors Embossed Wallet)