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But unbelievably, there was an even more fundamental design flaw that ensured the tank literally never made it out of the testing stage. The designers were so focused on the big wheels up front that they failed to take care of business in the back. The 40 ton tank’s entire back half was supported by what looked like a single stroller wheel. Basically, they had created a reverse Big Wheel.(MK Fanny Belt Bag)

Have you ever wanted to recharge your laptop or phone while you sit on the beach or at the coffee shop, when all the power outlets are being used by people who have been nursing the same cup of coffee for two hours? Have you ever wanted to curl your hair or charge your smartphone while sitting on a bench in the park, or while camping in the wilderness? Well, now you can with ChargeAll the first portable battery pack that has both a USB charging socket and a 120 volt wall plug outlet. Yes, you can just plug just about any 120V device into the ChargeAll and in many cases, thanks to the inclusion of a huge lithium ion battery, power that device for hours.(Where Are Michael Kors Purses Manufactured)

There are extremely moving rooms with young children and infants all arranged along the walls, the babies lying in cradles on the floor, facing you (Capella Bambini). Among the most interesting : the last addition, in 1920. Two year old Rosalia Lombardo lies in a glass coffin like Sleeping Beauty, embalmed with a mix of formaldehyde, alcohol, glycerin and zinc. Many visitors say she does look like she is just sleeping, although we thought that that was a bit of an exaggeration.(Michael Kors Cooper Purse)

If you got bored with foxes, people also used rabbits, badgers, and “wildcats.” These events were often a veritable slaughter, with hundreds of animals dead by the end. Still, sometimes the poor animals got their own back. Foxes and “wildcats” have claws, after all, and it was accepted that to play this game meant risking getting bitten or slashed. But the occupational hazards didn’t stop its popularity, and even Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I would play at least once a year.(Michael Kors Hutton Camera Bag)

Take Laika, for example. In November 1957 the whole world watched in astonishment as the Soviets not only launched Sputnik 2, but revealed they had a stray mongrel in the satellite as well, making them the first to get a living organism in orbit. Everything about Laika’s journey seemed to go swimmingly, until we realized the Soviets never had a safe return plan for their pooch, and they planned for her to die in space all along. Which sucks, of course, but at least she died peacefully when she ate her poisoned food dose a week into orbit, as the Soviets reported.(Michael Kors Purse Repair)