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Served with warmed maple syrup and/or butter, these pancakes are lovely as is. I, however, almost always add chocolate chips, tossed onto the batter in the skillet while the first side cooks. You could use blueberries, nuts or whatever you like in a pancake. If you are doing something more savory inside or on top, leave out the optional vanilla.(Michael Kors Large Bedford Pebbled Shoulder Bag)

Kids younger than 8 can take the tour with a parent in an Island Hopper (like a golf cart). Savor homemade ice cream in a rocker on the porch of Marche Burette, an old fashioned general store. End the day on a river cruise, where you’ll see wild ponies, dune turtles, egretsand just maybe dolphins. (Michael Kors Checkered Purse)

How to Donate Your Hair:Each hair donation organization has its own requirements for the type and condition that can be used. Unless otherwise noted below, these are the main criteria for all such organizations. Take note of these as charities are usually forced to throw out hair that is unusable. You want to be sure that the sacrafic of your long locks does benefit the organization and the people it serves.(Michael Kors Jet Set Item Large Crossbody Bag)

As you get older, your body goes through changes even more awesome than the ones you experienced in puberty, which is to say everything puberty gave you falls the fuck apart. Muscle and organ tissue in your body may begin to atrophy and you can start to lose bone density as well. This in turn reshapes you into the Play Dohy thing the grandkids want to exploit for money at every major holiday.(Michael Kors Beverly Bag)

For starters, Alfred didn’t raise Bruce Wayne from childhood after his parents were murdered. In fact, he didn’t make his first appearance in the comics until Batman No. 16. Things seemed to be going pretty well for the Dark Knight at this point he’s dealt with his grief via fancy pajamas and ultra violence, nurtured a questionable relationship with a young boy and sank most of his family fortune into animal themed vehicles. So why hire an advice giving butler? Because he was so damn funny, of course!(Michael Kors Chest Bag)

Because of the crappy design, crew members had to crane their heads at a 90 degree angle just to read their instruments, and the capsule had zero exit strategies if an emergency came up during re entry. But best of all, once the automatic landing failed, which it did, getting to the navigation system required one cosmonaut to lie down across the seats, while the other held him in place. So, imagine you just made humankind’s first walk in space, you get back in the space ship, sick as all get out, and now you have goose your partner while he tries to get you back home.(Michael Kors Black Leather Wallet)