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Michel Lotito’s stomach lining is twice as thick as normal, a rare condition that most doctors agree developed in the womb, though nobody is sure how. Was a pregnant Mrs. Lotito bitten by a radioactive billy goat giving goat genes to Le Fetus Mangetout? We’re forced to assume so until prove otherwise.(Michael Kors Authentic Handbags Outlet)

The deputy, who had a history of filing false reports yet was still on the force, was charged with running a stop sign, but not for lying about the crash. None of the deputies who claimed to have smelled alcohol on the woman were disciplined, either. Despite suffering only minor injuries, the deputy was put on medical leave for months, which he used to get out of making child support payments. (Michael Kors Bucket Bag Tote)

Strength training becomes especially important as we get older, when our metabolisms tend to slow down. One way to stop this is to add some strength training to your workout at least a couple of times a week. The largest muscles (and therefore the largest calorie burners) are in the thighs, abdomen, chest, and arms.(Michael Kors Tan Small Crossbody Bag)

Hot cereals are a great breakfast option. “Steel cut oats, oat bran, millet, and quinoa are all whole grains, loaded with fiber, and if you don’t choose a flavored version, contain zero sugar,” says Lindsay Martin, RD, a dietitian at Hilton Head Health, a weight loss spa in Hilton Head, SC.(Michael Kors Wallet Truffle)

What is “gunwalking “? n n n n “Gunwalking ” is law enforcement vernacular for the concept of allowing criminal suspects to “walk ” off with guns, without police interdicting or tracking them. It’s widely considered taboo, since “walked ” guns may be used in violent crimes, including murders. (Michael Kors Envelope Monogram Wallet Camel)

So yeah, if the certainty of falling off your bike doesn’t scare you, junior, why don’t you just lube up your ass, put on some disturbing looking shorts, and hop up on that donut seat. You see what I mean? They are totally just waiting to see when you will catch on.(Michael Kors Hobo Purse)

For Campbell, the openness of rum isn’t just about what’s in the bottle. Compared with the communities around some other spirits, she says, rum is much bigger, naturally more inclusive and more interesting culturally. Privateer has had visits from distillers from around the world. “It’s a much bigger global community, a huge variety of styles of spirit, totally different artists doing totally different things inspired by their own story and history and culture, and we get to be a small part of that,” she says.(Michael Kors Astor Bag Black)