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You may be thinking, “But I’ve heard lots of Muslim music before, and don’t they always use drums?” Well, you’re silly for trying to apply logic or reality to this situation. According to ISIS, the prophet Muhammad apparently scribbled a note somewhere near the back of the Quran possibly in the sequel that not a lot of people read that using a flush toilet was grounds for a whipping, thanks to how disgustingly Western the watery contraption is. What should a proud member of the beheadingest club in all of the Middle East use when he needs to squirt a little tahini? A squatter!(Michael Kors Watermelon Wallet)

Ariel Erlij had graduated from a polytechnic school in Argentina in 1987. To celebrate the 30th anniversary, he and a group of his friends had come to New York. They donned matching shirts, and they rented bicycles. Saipov allegedly struck them from behind. Some witnesses described them being tossed in the air, and others described seeing them run over, with tire marks left on their bodies. Five of them died: Erlij, Hernn Mendoza, Diego Angelini, Alejandro Pagnucco and Hernn Ferruchi.(How To Know If MK Bag Is Real)

Our concierge and dozens of online reviews pointed us to breakfast at B. Matthew’s, located across a tree lined boulevard from tour bus parking on River Street. The biscuit at B. Matthew’s ($1.50) sported a craggy, crunchy top that, though promising, revealed a texture more fluffy than flaky. The biscuits and gravy entree ($6.25) was generously doused with creamy, peppery, sausage speckled gravy.(Michael Kors Small Jet Set Travel Wallet)

And remember to be vigilant against slugs who love moist places to hide while they munch away on your lettuce.Wet Weather Gardening Tip 6: Make The Most Of ItFinally, if you, too, are living in a part of the country that has had more than its fair share of rain this year, take advantage of the positives and make the most of it. (Michael Kors Black Wallet Clutch)

The Ultimate Fighter is a reality show about professional fighters struggling to get into the UFC. In 2005, it introduced us to Josh Koscheck, total dick. Young Josh spent the show playing mean spirited pranks and mocking other fighters until they hated him. He’s such an insecure douche that the DVD release dangerously interfered with the natural bacterial culture of the vaginas in Best Buy. Despite that, Josh found success after the show and has returned as a coach this season. So what did his five years of world class competition teach him about maturity and respect? It taught him that you’re a nerd fag for asking. And also, is baby going to cry?(Latest MK Bags Images)