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My digestive system is a magic place that turns food into liquid ass juice. While this might make for an amusing (if somewhat terrifying and messy) party trick, it presents a problem when it comes to things like gaining weight and being alive. To help my freeloading pancreas make some use of the nutrients that I’m putting into my body, I have to take a handful of enzyme pills to do the actual work of digesting my food.(Michael Kors Outlet Niagara Falls Canada)

Probably there weren’t a lot of people back in film school learning how to chop and master film reel who were hoping one day to use their talents to string together a series of scenes featuring midgets running a train on a middle aged lady, but not everyone gets to live their dream. But the fact is they’re still working and their work is important.(Michael Kors Sling Bag Canada)

There’s some debate about whether most of Total Recall actually happens in Arnold’s dreams or not, but as far as we’re concerned, it’s pretty clear everything (and we mean EVERYTHING) that happened after he sat down to take his dream vacation went exactly as the dream salesman described it. Arnold became a secret agent, people were trying to kill him, he met an exotic woman and he killed the bad guy, Vilos Cohaagen. They even showed him the exact face of the woman who would show up in his dream.(Michael Kors Jet Set Wallet Damson)

We tend to find Spider Man easier to identify with than other superheroes. He’s not an alien, like Superman, or the son of a major Norse god, like Thor, or a Canadian, like Wolverine. But that’s not all we have in common with Peter Parker: His superhero birth trauma story is one with which we’re all painfully familiar puberty.(Michael Kors Outlet Pigeon Forge Tn)

But in general, space bathroom technology has come a long way over the years. As Dan O’Brien once mentioned, some free floating feces escaped into the cabin during Apollo 10, prompting the three men involved in mankind’s most groundbreaking mission to date to point fingers at each other like third grade narcs. That’s because Apollo 10 didn’t have a toilet they went to the bathroom in bags, and when you’re in a hurry, going number two in a bag is an imprecise science (as it is in any situation, really).(MK Bedford Shoulder Bag)