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If Battlestar Galactica taught us anything, it’s that the starships are like the Love Boat, if it were filled with never ending robot orgies and counterproductive human sexual drama. It’s perfectly natural for the crew to spend their off hours doing some space romance, or as experts call it: “Boldly going where Kirk has gone before.”(Michael Kors Sutton Satchel Bag)

The Nanotech lab technicians are the bravest corporate employees you’ll ever see. They don’t run away when a well armed maniac bursts into their office and murders their janitor. They don’t even drop their clipboards. While you threaten to sue the company every time a co worker gets caught smelling your gym clothes, these guys walk right up to Steven Seagal and jab him with their free hand. Nanotech needs to give these guys a raise. And in honor of these kick ass scientists, I’m going to scientifically prove how they star in the perfect game:(Michael Kors Ns Tote Bag)

Yeah, the defense has told me that, Garoppolo said of Sherman’s observation. “But at the same time, I use that against them because they’re thinking that. It’s a game of cat and mouse. It always is. They’re reading you, you’re reading them at the same time. It’s a who flinches first type of thing. We’ve had some good battles and it’s been a good camp.”(Michael Kors Pink Bag Sale)

She’s one of the rentable residents who work at With Bunny, in the tourist heavy Asakusa neighborhood. The six floor business is among Tokyo’s biggest animal cafes, even if it doesn’t quite justify its billing as “Education Museum.” But it does offer a variety of activities, for a range of fees. Visitors can feed a rabbit, pose for a photo with one or take an animal on a circumscribed stroll through the structure’s roof garden. That last choice was the priciest option I encountered in several days of visiting cat, rabbit, dog, bird and reptile cafes in and around Tokyo.(Michael Kors Tote Bag Monogram)

Two guys were playing pool, he says. “I was watching them play. I was having a shitty week, apparently they were having a shitty day. Our eyes crossed at one point. One guy gets in my face and he says to me, ‘Do you have a fucking problem man?’ And I with complete honesty and earnestness I say, ‘Brother I got a lot of problems man, I don’t know why you ask. Does it show on my face? That’s why I’m here. I’m kinda drinking them away.'”(Teal And Brown Michael Kors Purse)