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Well, according to a recent study, injecting Botox into your face not only makes you look like you have no emotions, it actually inhibits your ability to feel them at all. We tend to think of the relationship between our emotions and our face as a one way street, but apparently your brain likes to check in with your facial muscles before deciding what emotion it should feeling at any given moment. Even if you have every reason to be delighted, if your brain checks in and you’re not smiling, you’ll still be unhappy. We need a complex series of interactions to occur involving our body, hormones and brain to truly feel something like happiness. And it turns out the part involving our facial muscles is way more important than previously thought.(Michael Kors Brown Snakeskin Purse)

On the morning of this second trip, we drove west an hour from central Barcelona and detoured first to Poblet, a 12th century monastery that holds graves of several kings of Catalonia and Aragon. My son, Luca, and the others strolled from cavernous hall to sheltered courtyard, and I idled in the immediacy of the moment: echoes of footsteps. The cold of a stone wall emerging from shade into sunlight. The smoky scent of sage. seating at the restaurant Cal Ganxo, 15 miles south, and soon we were hurrying to get there. Hundreds of other diners including many extended families from the countryside and Barcelona had already begun eating, and we were ushered to a round table in the corner of a long room. Could it be the same at which we sat 15 years before? We all tied on cloth bibs as waiters delivered armloads of grilled calcots wrapped in newspaper. Alessandro, an Italian friend who had instigated the first trip 15 years before, turned to me and said, “Welcome back.”(Michael Kors Jet Set Wallet Grey)

Autumn is the perfect time for a Maine island getaway, so long as you don seek the splashiest foliage display. Summer crowds are gone from large offshore islands like Monhegan, along with peak season lodging rates. Spruce, fir and pine clad much of the state shoreline, but hardwoods splash fall color here, too. Offset by dark softwoods and water, the oranges, reds and yellows brighten. So, dip your feet in a tide pool (or island lake) and enjoy the view; it should be warm enough for that on many days from Labor Day to Columbus Day.(Pink And Brown MK Purse)