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Yes, it was a little phony that Hulk Hogan’s wife suddenly decided to adopt a baby chimpanzee after cameras started following her family around, but that was just giving reality a little shove to make it more interesting. If you’re filming Hulk Hogan, it’d be kind of stupid not to make his wife have an ape, right? I mean besides Brooke, of course. No one in their right mind would script a show with that cast. Could you even deal with the logistical nightmare of making a scripted program starring Hulk Hogan and a chimpanzee? Please? No, I’m really asking. I even made this since I can’t stop thinking about it:(Michael Kors Bags Backpack)

Meatloaf was developed in the fifth century, so anyone with a bucket of squeezable food and a heat source could master a dish. If you can smash meat into a pan without losing a sock in it, the world’s greatest meatloaf expert has nothing more to teach you. So it’s truly insane that someone decided we needed this:(Michael Kors Uk Sale Outlet)

The point is we can safely assume that just about everyone reading this article has opened a bag of chips and discovered that the greasy bag of salty goodness was just as full of nondelicious nothing as it was with food. And if there’s anything we hate more than paying for water, it’s paying for chipified air.(Michael Kors Outlet Foxwoods)

Even worse, the poor bastard reported that the penis had the feeling of being always and constantly erect. Yeah, laugh it up now, but you know those guys that have the hiccups for a few years and yearn for death? Try having your dong lopped off and then getting 24/7 blue balls for six months. (Michael Kors Cream Purse)

Those who know me might think it out of character that I am contributing to WaPo Food’s 5 Diets project, because I believe “diet” is a four letter word one that connotes an unsustainable, sometimes self abusive, short term fix. But as a registered dietitian who spent years in private practice, I have learned that many people have no structure or strategy at all in their day to day eating. They desperately need some kind of plan, an effective set of brakes, and it is often at this January juncture that they grasp for one.(MK Jet Set Travel Purse)