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Also, why are we still doing the $_99 thing on our prices? Instead of just saying “It’ll be five hundred dollars” we still frame it as $499, even when addressing a crowd full of educated, savvy consumers? As if we’re too stupid to realize $499 is only one dollar less? We’ve surely figured that out by now, right?(Michael Kors Black Patent Leather Purse)

Foxborough, Massachusetts based company Cyberkinetics Neurotechnology Systems, Inc. is working on technologies that let the paralyzed interact with their surroundings using only their thoughts. The “Gate” in the name refers to a computer interface that acts as a gateway for the entire process. The system begins with the implantation of a sensor in the motor cortex, the part of the brain that controls movement.(Bolsas Michael Kors Outlet)

Plastic soda bottles are composed of one uniform type of plastic, and the major beverage companies have made their bottles entirely recyclable. While this doesn’t necessarily mean consumers are always recycling these products, at least the potential is there. Soft drink companies also have the opportunity to produce refillable bottles, which can keep the products in use.(Michael Michael Kors Whitney Large Logo Convertible Shoulder Bag)

Though that’s not as bad as working at, say, a sperm bank. Or any job that involves sex in any capacity. It’s fucking 2011, but if you are connected to the porn industry in any way (even on the billing or Web hosting side), you have to lie about your job as if you’re a drug dealer. And it’s a lie you have to tell constantly.(Michael Kors Rose Gold Purse Ebay)

While you may know that a wetsuit is great for insulation, most people aren’t going to realize that it can be pretty harsh on your body. This is why so many surfers tape their nipples before suiting up: It’s the only way to keep those tender little nubs from getting sandpapered off. And it didn’t help that we all shared the wetsuits and that some of us liked to go commando.(All Black Michael Kors Bag)

But perhaps the most frightening prospect in the arena of satellite warfare comes not from cutting edge technology, but rather the opposite. For decades now, experts have been fretting about the “Kessler Effect,” which posits that all the accumulating space flotsam that’s floating around in low orbit is going to become a huge problem. And said space junk could quickly reach critical mass should a plain old crappy ballistic missile filled with ball bearings (which could be fired by any low tech state like, say, North Korea) cause a calamitous chain reaction and recreate the most exciting scenes from Gravity.(Cheap MK Side Bags)