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Most of us get out of bed everyday purely because it edges us one step closer to some kind of financial future we want. If we won the lottery, most of us would show up to the office the next day wearing an ankle length fur coat and enough bling to make Mr. T look Amish, and only stay just long enough to take a dump in our boss’s inbox.(MK Crossbody Bag Black)

The Digital Economy Bill is one of the most puritanical laws the West has decreed since we’ve stopped wearing buckles on our hats. Under the new law, not only will the government decide when and if you can spank it to nudey videos, but also what behavior is allowed in said videos. To counter any anti Victorian behavior, the UK government banned all “non conventional sex acts” from appearing in erotica, including “sexual acts involving urination” and “female ejaculation.” Leave it to a bunch of conservative bores to think of the female orgasm as “non conventional.”(Michael Michael Kors Jet Set Large Phone Crossbody Bag)

This script featured lots of “universe ity” wordplay and sly digs at undergraduates (“Lying around doing nothing? Maybe it’s a student”, “Go and be a proper student: texts, snogging, a vegan wrap”). There were copious mentions of chips, alongside more poetic image about the sky being made of lemon drops and “smelling the wind in your coat”. Lovely writing.(Michael Kors Outlets In Southern California)

But by WWII, the Germans had finally done it, using a second propeller to create helicopters that could safely fly from point A to point B. Hitler looked at the package of bad assery, and decided that the whole thing just wasn’t quite crazy enough. And so the Nazis decided to spice things up with a bunch of ramjet engines.(MK Gramercy Bag)

That’s because, in a number of experiments involving a wide selection of different games, researchers have repeatedly come to the same conclusion people with brown eyes are usually better at sports that require fast reaction times. That is, ball games like football, tennis, or basketball, or fast paced activities like boxing. On the other hand, those whose eyes are blue or green generally have a better aptitude for slower, more strategic and player paced activities like golf or bowling.(Michael Kors Hobo Bag)