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The preliminary investigation revealed that the driver of a tractor trailer hauling scrap metal was traveling southbound when he veered to the left, hitting the jersey wall, and then overturning. Scrap metal was sent flying into both the northbound and southbound lanes of the interstate. Traffic backed up for miles as crews worked to clean up the spill.(Michael Kors Blue And White Striped Wallet)

Aim to go out baby free for at least a couple of hours or so every week to give yourself a breather. Head out immediately after a breastfeeding session to max out your time. (For longer trips, leave backup bottles.) One of the best parts of leaving is the reunion when you return. (Michael Kors Selma Flap Shoulder Bag)

You can still help prevent your child from catching a cold or the flu by teaching her to wash her hands and keeping germ hotspots clean, boosting your child’s immune system by encouraging her eat well, stay active and get enough sleep, and have her vaccinated against the seasonal flu.If your child does catch a cold or the seasonal flu, there are not many medicinal options for treatment. (Black Michael Kors Messenger Bag)

What I hate about articles like this is that they’re always trying to guilt you into bettering yourself. “What are you doing sitting on your sofa eating ice cream, you lazy bag of Dorito farts! Get off your ass and go become the high achieving superman you know you can be!” That pisses me off because I know exactly why I’m on the sofa eating ice cream. It’s because I’ve had a hard day and this makes me feel better, so fuck you. Even if what I’m doing is a frivolous waste of time, I’m doing it for a reason.(Dillards MK Wallets)

But in general, space bathroom technology has come a long way over the years. As Dan O’Brien once mentioned, some free floating feces escaped into the cabin during Apollo 10, prompting the three men involved in mankind’s most groundbreaking mission to date to point fingers at each other like third grade narcs. That’s because Apollo 10 didn’t have a toilet they went to the bathroom in bags, and when you’re in a hurry, going number two in a bag is an imprecise science (as it is in any situation, really).(MK Bedford Shoulder Bag)