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I’ve got a GPS track of that loop, if you’re interested. Instead of killing yourself though you’ve got to stay alive long enough to enjoy the beaches, remember hike just Pico da Tijuca, with a summit knob so rocky and exposed that in 1920, 117 stairs were cut into the side of it and a chain railing was installed. Also, the views from its summit are the best of the day.(MK Silver Bag)

I love it.I love being close to all my favourite restaurants, parks, shops, and I’ve got everything on my doorstep.How did you end up living with your two housemates?My friend I used to work with was already living here and I was looking for a place and we met up and he showed me round.I knew him beforehand and one housemate initially from Spare Room, who took a room for a few months last summer when my other housemate was away. (White And Tan Michael Kors Purse)