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None of the protestant politicians were killed, but the plan wasn’t a complete failure. King James admitted in a speech that not all Catholics were as crazy as the ones arrested in connection with the plot, which is good, because a lot of historians have suggested that if the plot succeeded, there would have been a very violent backlash against Catholic communities. Plus, England now celebrates Guy Fawkes night every November 5th.(Michael Kors Raven Extra Large Shoulder Bag)

He wanted to see how his favorite sport is played in Brazil, venue of not only the 2014 World Cup but also the 2016 Olympics. Brazil did not invent modern soccer (the British did), but it embodies “the beautiful game,” a nickname for the sport that signifies the poetic movement of the players. Soccer, samba and sand represent Brazil so often that it flirts with cliche. But soccer both professional players and the culture is one of Brazil’s most visible global exports, and inside the country it is the social glue that unites a massive and diverse population.(Michael Kors Round Coin Purse)

Well, Michel Lagravere Peniche was evidently fresh out of fucks to give about any of that, because he became a bullfighter . He asked his father, a former bullfighter, if he could follow in his footsteps. Beaming with pride, his father enrolled him in a children’s bullfighting school (yes, that is a thing that exists). In 2010, at the age of 12, Michelito attended his first event as a matador in Mexico City’s main ring, becoming the youngest person ever to perform there.(Michael Kors Rose Gold Purse)

And we learn more about Quiet Ann, who as a teenager gave birth to a baby girl that she loved and bonded with and who was eventually sent away to live with another family, which I inferred to mean that her parents don’t approve of her queer identity. It’s such a devastating detail and it tells you so much about Quiet Ann’s, well, quietness.(Michael Kors Soft Pink Wallet)

The show starts out promisingly spooky, but then drops the ball that Norman Bates is dead and that this is about his cellmate, Alex, to whom he’s left the motel. It’s a little like if they made a Halloween series that focused on Michael Myers’ college roommate. When Alex leaves the asylum to go run the eponymous motel, he deals with issues Hitchcock probably never even considered addressing, such as confusion over drive thru windows and securing bank loans.(Michael Kors Outlet Japan)