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After the mines collapsed, a rescue team was sent in to try and dig Meng and his brother out, but then quickly gave up. Their fellow miners then gave it a try, and were promptly arrested for illegal mining, presumably on the basis they could accidentally dig up some coal along with the two human beings trapped under it.(Michael Kors Outlet Birch Run Mi)

Census data on 2015 lottery ticket sales by state show that Massachusetts sells the most tickets per capita, an average of $735 per person in the state, according to analysis of the data by LendEDU. Neighboring Rhode Island is No. 2 with an average of $516. North Dakota sells the least per person, an average of only $34, followed by Oklahoma, which sells only $44 per resident, on average.(Michael Kors Oxblood Purse)

By late morning, even Henry had tired of the dirt so we headed back and ate our center provided sack lunches in the museum’s massive, air conditioned storage area, where industrial shelving held dozens of excavated bones awaiting cleaning and classification. Then we headed into the laboratory, where Reddick sat us down at a cluttered table, put practice bones in front of us and provided us with toothbrushes, small hooks and containers of water to chip away sediment and clean the bones.(Fake MK Bags Uk)

Rap Basketball is hard to explain, but let me see what I can do: It was going to be a mix of rap and basketball. Now that that’s over, the plan was to have rappers with no basketball experience be the stars of the game. Unfortunately, this chain of stereotypes leading from rap to black to basketball created a bizarre vortex of unlogic that only didn’t sound racist if you were already a racist. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I bet LL Cool J is great at basketball, but I’d never say that to his face.(Michael Kors Moss Bag)

Keep an Eye on Airfare Flights to the ever popular Caribbean can be heart stoppingly expensive. Depending on the time of year, price increases can be dramatic. So how do you know you’re getting the best deal? Simple: By knowing what an average flight to the Caribbean should cost from your airport and how far in advance you should book. If you know what a “good price” from your airport is, you’ll know if the flights you’re finding are good buys.(How To Tell A Real Michael Kors Purse)