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The episode made it as far as rehearsals before everyone realized that maybe the “Does Sam have AIDS?” storyline wouldn’t quite be the laugh fest viewers were hoping for. According to producer and co creator Les Charles, “The specter of AIDS was taking all the humor out of it.” You know, like AIDS tends to do.(MK Bucket Bag)

And then, when the spider is wrapping her offspring in a thick cocoon of silk to keep them safe, the parasite will sneakily get in there and allow itself to be wrapped with them. Once inside, the mantidfly larva mutates into a different form that feeds by sucking the unborn arachnids from their protective shells. The spider, meanwhile, has no idea that she’s taking care of a baby eating atrocity and is in for a huge surprise.(MK Emmy Crossbody Bag)

Everything is pre paid, so we’ll whack 40 on electricity every month or so split between four of us, same on gas (which should be drastically reduced now we won’t be using the heaters), council tax is 98 odd a month split again, and then internet is about 16 each a month.(Gigi Hadid Michael Kors Bag)

Let it be known henceforth that if your dog shits on a subway, you damn well better clean it up. You may think the subway is already chock full of human shit so your dog’s waste isn’t going to upset the fecal balance, but just to be on the safe side you best have some little baggies handy.(MK Clearance Wallets)

A few years ago, I began working as a dolphin training intern at SeaWorld Orlando. After half a decade of volunteering at every backwoods animal shelter and zoo I could find, as well as building my entire academic career around this possibility, I was finally reaping the benefits of my labors and working my dream job, so I lived happily ever after.(MK Purse And Matching Wallet)

The next day, the lady who didn’t kill herself thanks Alex, who then breaks the fourth wall and addresses the audience, saying he thinks Norman would be proud. Because who wouldn’t want to gain the approval of a dead serial killer? It’s an amazingly heartwarming ending for a show based on a goddamn horror movie. In an interview, star Bud Cort said that the series would feature the Bates Motel as a “magical” place for redemption. So it would be like Touched By An Angel, but with a murder house instead of Della Reese.(Michael Kors Outlet Kansas City)