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Jeff Boyer, the new safety chief at GM, said in an interview with The Associated Press that the company is looking at cases that were under review in its system and moving to resolve them as fast as possible. GM, he said, has added 35 people to its recall review team.(MK Purse Made In China)

And Mad Men is somewhat to blame here “entire hordes of zombies” became “maybe a zombie, every once in a while” thanks to Don Draper’s love of big budgets, fancy suits, and herbal cigarettes. Arguments over these budget cuts contributed to the show’s creator, Shawshank Redemption director Frank Darabont, being fired and replaced by some people whom we’re reasonably sure had absolutely nothing to do with The Shawshank Redemption. So great move, AMC; fire the guy who made the most beloved prison movie of all time one year before your show moves into a prison. Before the CGI monster we all know today, David Banner (renamed because “Bruce” was apparently “too gay” for the network) transformed into a green half naked Canadian ex football player. And that was good enough for 1970s America, goddammit.(Michael Kors Tote Bag Malaysia)

In 1981, a violent young skinhead named Tim Zaal ran into a gay teen named Matthew Boger and, suddenly, their lives turned into a deleted scene from American History X: Zaal and his friends beat the crap out of Boger and left him for dead in an alley. Zaal personally delivered the boot in the forehead that snuffed out Boger’s consciousness, then high fived his friends and drove away, convinced he’d just murder kicked a complete stranger.(Michael Kors Outlet Vacaville Hours)

Police said Toole was long the prime suspect in the case and that they had conclusively linked him to the killing. They declined to be specific about their evidence and noted they had no DNA proof of the crime, but said an extensive review of the case file pointed only to Toole, as John Wash long contended.(Michael Michael Kors Charlton Crossbody Bag Small)

Former Minneapolis Council Member Elizabeth Glidden said she was surprised by the bill, but noted that it isn’t the first attempt to pre empt local government actions. Glidden, who sponsored Minneapolis’ original ranked choice voting ordinance in 2006, said it does take pre emption to a different level because both the Minneapolis measure in 2006 and the St. Paul measure in 2009 were charter amendments, meaning they were directly approved by voters.(Amazon MK Shoulder Bags)