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Mail donations to:Angel Hair Foundation2783 Suncrest AveEugene, OR 97405Wigs 4 KidsWigs 4 Kids is a Michigan based organization serving kids 18 and under who are living in Michigan. Most recipients are cancer patients, but children suffering hair loss because of alopecia, trichotillomania, burns, lupus, and any other medical condition are also eligible.(Michael Kors Junie Large Messenger Bag)

Besides freshening your breath, a mouthwash adds extra protection by getting rid of bacteria. A fresh minty taste can make you feel good. But be sure the mouthwash you choose kills the germs that cause bad breath. Don’t just cover up the smell. Rinse daily with a good mouthwash and stop bad breath at its source.(Michael Kors Silver Studded Purse)

As you’d expect, Gargac’s cameras broadcast information that most normal people wouldn’t want out there, such as their names, addresses, and oh god their conversations, including smack talk about partners, friends, family members, and bosses. These were the tasteful streams, too. Gargac admitted that he liked driving late night weekends because drunk people made for more exciting streams, typified by him both repeatedly broadcasting people throwing up on his backseat and having to install a plugin to blur out passengers’ crotches after a partygoer accidentally flashed the camera. That’s always the moment you know you’ve made it as a streamer.(Michael Kors Keychain Wallet)

Angel Hair for KidsAngel Hair for Kids is one of A Child’s Voice Foundation’s many programs serving financially disadvantaged Canadian children suffering from a disability or illness. This organization provides wigs for any Canadian child who has a loss of hair to due to an illness such as cancer or alopecia and who’s family cannot afford to buy a wig. Before getting a wig, a salon professional works with each child and family to ensure the custom made wig fits and suits the child’s individual needs.(Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Crossbody Bag Black)

Originally, director Spike Jonze had actress Samantha Morton playing Samantha. Now, Morton is no slouch (great in stuff like The Messenger and Synecdoche, New York) so we don’t want to imply that she got fired for insisting on doing a cartoonish Irish accent or anything like that. But when Jonze sat down to edit the movie, he didn’t think it was working (as he politely says, “she wasn’t what the movie needed”). Considering the entire premise hangs on the audience also falling in love with Samantha, this was not a trivial thing to notice at the last minute.(Michael Kors Whitney Bag)

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I mean, at least try to look surprised. He could play guitar and sing and had some cool ideas. We wrote a song called “Party Foul” together. I think a lot of guys like Toka get signed for their writing abilities, even if the label doesn’t see any star potential in them. But they don’t say that, of course: These guys all want to be stars, but writing lyrics FOR stars and up and coming artists pays the bills. There’s probably a thousand musicians who could’ve been like the biggest star in Duluth, or wherever, but chose to play the label game in LA instead.(Plum Purple Michael Kors Purse)

Hindus believe every living thing has a soul. It is true, however, that cows hold a special place in Hindu society. That’s why Hindus refrain from eating beef. Cows are seen as gentle, maternal figures that are providers of milk and other forms of sustenance. They are honored for their value.(Michael Kors Outlet In Cabazon)

Chemical restraints and leathers, as cinematically interesting as they may be, are generally only used in exceptional situations (like if you attack a staff member or try to escape from the facility). But everyone has checks. Every half hour, a staff member will find you and make sure you’re OK. If you’re in the shower, he’ll knock until you shout your own name. If you’re asleep or in group or reading, he’ll just write it down and be on his way.(Michael Kors Hot Pink Wallet)

If you didn’t know about the atrocities that led Human Rights Watch to declare Turkmenistan “one of the world’s most repressive countries” (state run media, civil rights violations, child labor, torture, and political kidnappings are on that list), then you finally have something in common with JLo. In 2013, she performed at a birthday bash for Turkmenistan President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov and his closest accomplices. From the get go, JLo’s natural showmanship kicked in, with her sauntering on stage to a booming “Turkmenistan!” which is kind of like opening your act by screaming “Third Reeeeeeeich!” She then proceeded to dazzle the oppressive regime with her greatest hits, closing the show by serenading the despotic president with a loving rendition of “Happy Birthday, Mr. President,” like Marilyn Monroe popping out of a cake for Mao Zedong.(Michael Kors Hamilton Weekender Bag)