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Along the way, there were devastating travesties of biscuitness. Biscuits that resembled those from Poppin’ Fresh. Sausage patties like pucks retired from a recent hockey game. There were countless packets of food service jam and only one place that served honey. Honestly, I wondered whether my taste memory was squirrelly. After a day of biscuit tasting, we agreed upon four truly great ones.(Michael Kors Slim Billfold Wallet)

Police brutality is a lot like professional football in Canada. Most people in the United States don’t even realize they have it, and those who do assume it’s just some pussified version more befitting the rampant politeness that we’ve come to associate with that frosty ass country. However, just like the most decorated quarterback in professional football history played his entire career in the CFL, some of the most outrageous instances of police brutality in recent history have quietly been happening in Canada. We talk about that on this week’s Unpopular Opinion podcast .(Michael Kors Bag And Wallet)

The amount of feedback that students receive is not optimal. What part of speech the word optimum is this sentence?In the sentence “The amount of feedback that students receive is not optimal”, the word “optimal” is an adjective , more specifically a predicate adjective modifying the simple subject of the sentence, “amount”. The word “optimum” does not occur in the sentence, although “optimal” could reasonably be called an adjective corresponding to the noun “optimum”. In informal speech, “optimum” itself is often used as an adjective, but “optimal” is preferable for the adjective form.(Inside Of A MK Purse)

Early in Season 6 they had a nuclear bomb going off in Los Angeles and killing at least 12,000 people . only to be forgotten a few episodes later. That is, a few hours later. In the world of 24, America gets over an attack four times the size of 9/11 before the emergency response even gets fully under way.(Michael Kors Selma Gold Bag)

Even with its flower hat, the glowering mug warns that you’re on dangerous terrain. Of course, if you know any tiki history, you’ll know that already: Donn Beach (aka Don the Beachcomber), the Zombie’s inventor, limited customers to two each. Even two seems like a recipe for madness here. In spite of all the crushed ice, the Zombie Circa 1934 is a booze bomb, with a punch of bittering absinthe powering through the tang of the citrus, the spice of falernum and the funk of multiple rums. A faint tease of grenadine tries to make you relax and feel safe, but don’t be fooled. You may be lounging near the Georgetown Waterfront, but a couple of these and you’ll be ready to jump into an active volcano. M. Carrie Allan(Michael Kors Harness Grab Bag)

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Broke in must have had the right kit for the job with them and made a hell of a noise the place was locked up like a fortress. I just don understand how it could happen right under their noses. Take a look at what a million dollar house looks like in each capital city.(Tk Maxx MK Bags)

Most of the trappings of a tiki bar suggest Hawaii and the South Pacific, but there’s no escaping that most of the ingredients in the most famous tropical drinks, and sometimes the recipes themselves, come from the Caribbean. A prime example is the Painkiller, a relatively young cocktail invented at a beachside bar in the British Virgin Islands in the 1970s. It’s nothing more than a pina colada sweetened with orange juice and topped with shaved nutmeg. The menu is heavy on strong, sweet punches and vodka drinks (not very tiki of them), but the centerpiece is a choice between Painkiller 2 ($7), Painkiller 3 ($8) and Painkiller 4 ($9). The only difference is how strong you want it to be, or how much you want to avoid falling in the water. Fritz HahnMolokai Mule at Bar Charley(Michael Kors Hobo Bag Fulton)

A number of Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) gun dealers in the Phoenix area routinely contacted ATF when they noticed suspicious customers attempting purchases; for example, someone ordering large numbers of AK 47 variant rifles and other so called “weapons of choice” used by the Mexican drug cartels, and paying with large sums of cash brought in a paper bag. But starting in fall 2009, instead of stopping the transactions or questioning the customers, ATF often encouraged select gun dealers to go ahead and complete suspicious sales. ATF further asked the gun dealers to continue to cooperate by selling to the suspicious customers repeatedly, and providing ATF with names and weapons’ serial numbers. Several gun dealers expressed concerns to ATF: they worried if they cooperated in selling guns to suspected criminals, they would later be unfairly blamed or even prosecuted, and that some of the weapons might be used one day to murder federal agents. Though the exact percentage and number is the subject of debate, ATF was tasked with trying to stop the flow of guns. A year after Fast and Furious began, ATF remained under pressure from a Nov. 2011 Inspector General review (PDF) of Project Gunrunner that criticized ATF’s focus on low level gun dealers and straw purchasers “rather than on higher level traffickers, smugglers, and the ultimate recipients of the trafficked guns.”(Michael Kors Jet Set Trifold Wallet)