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You can also use a vinegar and water mix for washing your strawberries. This will aid in killing off bacteria. Place the berries in a colander. Using a ratio of one tablespoon of vinegar per each quart of water, place the vinegar and water in a clean sink or a clean bowl. Dip the colander into the vinegar/water mix. Gently move the berries around so that all areas of each berry come in contact with the vinegar/water mix. Lift the colander out of the vinegar and water, and rinse berries off with plain water. Towel dry berries before freezing or refrigerating to help prevent them from getting mushy.(Michael Kors Saffiano Wallet Purple)

So despite how thrilling retirement sounds when you’re 24 and planning on spending every waking moment of it drunk and naked in a kiddie pool; for elderly folks who wake up seven times a night to go to the bathroom, hobble around with arthritis and spend half their social security on food for a cat that pisses on all their clothes (see 5), retirement can be a long, drawn out frustration of building tension with no release and no control.(Michael Kors Bowery Bag)

When Woodside, CA, mom Dana Sanderson asked her daughter Kit, then 6, what would help her sleep alone, Kit decided she needed a bigger night light and a “Mommy pillow,” a body pillow with her mom’s image traced in fabric paint. Sanderson agreed, and soon had her evenings back.Not Enough Exercise and/or Too Much Computer TimeActive kids tend to be better sleepers. (Michael Kors Black And White Selma Bag)

The whole premise of The X Files was originally just having two agents go around investigating random, unconnected weird shit, which is what they did for most of the first season. The main reason this all changed had nothing to do with artistic growth or originality; it’s because Gillian Anderson got pregnant. This was the first larger plot they ever did, and it was completely unplanned. As Spotnitz put it, “This mythology really ended up running through the life of the series, all because Gillian Anderson became pregnant.”(Michael Kors Savannah Large Tote Bag)

Toilet paper may have been around in China since 589 AD, but for much of the world, it remains a prohibitively expensive luxury. In places such as India, Sri Lanka, Africa and the whole of the Middle East, doing anything with your left hand is seen as unclean, as it is (as least symbolically) your ass wiping hand.(Michael Kors Nylon Crossbody Bag Black)

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But you can’t just come off the couch and hike 42 miles. Two weeks before I was to do it, my boyfriend Derek did a warm up with me: We hiked down the South Rim and back up in one day. This was 18 miles, 4,600 vertical feet and totally not recommended by the park’s Preventive Search Rescue Squad. Annually, about three hikers die in the park from heat related issues.(MK Store In Tanger Outlet)

EPA estimates are 15/19 mpg City/Highway or 16 mpg Combined for 4.6 liter 2WD, 13/17/15 mpg for 5.7 liter 4WD. Tundra may not offer as many configurations as the domestics but it offers the ones most people want, with a choice of three cabs, several bed lengths, and multiple trim levels. (Macys MK Crossbody Purses)

Upon closer inspection it turned out Channing had a bit of luck on his side, in that the exploding warhead part of the rocket was not in his body, just the rocket and detonator. So instead of the big exploding part, there was only the little exploding part left inside of him. A note on his file also states that the rocket propellant was “mostly expelled.”(Michael Kors Medium Tote Bag Black)

At this point lieutenant Paul Jurgen Vollmer yelled out over the noise asking if York was English. See, in WWI, no one really took the Americans very seriously, and everyone thought of them as the rookies. Vollmer figured this crazy/awesome/ballsy soldier must be some kind of English superman who was showing these sissy Americans how it was done. When York said he was American, Vollmer replied “Good Lord! If you won’t shoot any more I will make them give up.”(Michael Kors Yellow Wallet)

So now we know who worries, but why do they worry? “People worry because they think something bad will happen or could happen, so they activate a hypervigilant strategy of worry and think that ‘if I worry I can prevent this bad thing from happening or catch it early,'” Leahy says. Put another way: If you didn’t worry, things might get out of hand. The worrier’s credo is that if you can simply imagine something bad happening, it’s your responsibility to worry about it.(Ioffer Michael Kors Purses)

The doctor, Sebastian Campuzano, had been hired by the cruise line just a few months prior, and was described as a inexperienced, Columbia trained physician to documents tabled in a Florida court, Dr Campuzano prescribed the antihistamine promethazine, which was injected by nurse Marco Oracion in a dose over a short period of time. This lead to an reaction that plunged the crewmate into a catastrophic situation that resulted in his arm being amputated.(Messenger Michael Kors Bag)