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Just in case the word “overkill” hasn’t entered your mind yet, they’ve got a much more explodey version of that idea, too. It’s the XM 25 “smart” grenade launcher. It has a laser range finder built in that can detect the distance to the wall or trench that you’re hiding behind. That way the shell knows not to explode until it’s right next to your fucking head. That’s right; it won’t detonate until after it punches through the wall you’re hiding behind, but just before it hits you in the nose.(Michael Kors Bags India Amazon)

It’s the same if someone insists that horses go clop clip, doorbells go dong ding, Parrotheads wear flop flips, ’90s era child rappers called themselves Kross Kriss, or that the hirsute beast felled by beauty (or Jack Black) went by Kong King. To make those sound singularly unpleasant, all we had to do was switch the normal order of high vowel / low vowel so that the low vowel came first (named because of where you put your tongue in your mouth to make those sounds try it). That switch drives most English speakers up the wall, but here’s the thing: No one knows why.(Michael Kors Denim Bag)

5. The weight came in less than the salesman had estimated. Guess what, as the salesman had promised the bill was indeed less than he had estimated. No rip off happened. He had estimated it would be about $2300, and the final bill was $1320 for 12 pieces of oak furniture, including a large dresser, a large and very heavy desk, and king bed. Several items had glass inserts so I bought insurance for $200. After they delivered it they asked if I still wanted the insurance. They let me inspect the furniture after it was delivered, before deciding. I think that may have been unusual and was related to the move arriving later than expected (after the office had closed for making the final payment). But still, it was a very nice and unexpected thing to do.(Michael Kors Navy Canvas Bag)

If you got bored with foxes, people also used rabbits, badgers, and “wildcats.” These events were often a veritable slaughter, with hundreds of animals dead by the end. Still, sometimes the poor animals got their own back. Foxes and “wildcats” have claws, after all, and it was accepted that to play this game meant risking getting bitten or slashed. But the occupational hazards didn’t stop its popularity, and even Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I would play at least once a year.(Michael Kors Hutton Camera Bag)

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Sodas and juices are essentially liquid candy: They contain up to 18 teaspoons of sugar and upwards of 240 calories per 20 ounce serving, and provide zero nutritional value. Experts point to soda as one of the top contributors to the obesity epidemic. Diet drinkers aren’t off the hook, either. A study in the journal Obesity found that diet soda drinkers were more likely to have a high percentage of fat in their bellies. Researchers believe diet drinkers may overestimate the calories “saved,” and then overeat.(Michael Kors White Crossbody Purse)

First, there’s the obvious: Most of us suppress our real life spurts of rage for fear of getting punched in the face by the person we’re screaming at. Second, on the Internet, where your looks, job, income and fancy clothes won’t buy you any respect, some people seem to think they have to protect their reputation like an old west gunslinger: shooting down anybody who calls them out.(Michael Kors Aria Leather Shoulder Bag)

A proposal due for rollout Wednesday in the state Senate also has bipartisan support, including chief sponsor, Sen. Mark Koran, R North Branch, and Sen. John Hoffman, DFL Champlin. In the past, DFL Gov. Mark Dayton has said he won’t consider any election related bills that don’t have backing from members of both parties.(Michael Michael Kors Essential Zip Wallet For Iphone 5)

Food also made an appearance at Doogie’s, a hot dog joint outside Hartford. Being a local favorite in Connecticut, the hot dog is available in over 24 places in Hartford alone. Doogie’s has taken the diet buster to a new level with its 2 foot long hot dog smothered in half a pound of additional toppings.Ingredients: 2 foot long pork and beef hot dog, three rolls, onions, peppers, chili, cheddar cheese sauce, and baconFat content: The average foot long hot dog will set you back about 24 grams of fat, 10 grams of it saturated. (Michael Kors Outlet Boots)

Our pals at Pinterest say that sky high lashes will be big this year, but there are other ways to get fuller lashes without unnatural glues and adhesives. Generally speaking, you really should be taking care of your natural lashes to start, because they need it.Start with your mascara. Avoid ones that contains ethel alcohol, which is super drying and can lead to brittle lashes that easily break. You’ll also want to avoid ingredients like parabens and phthalates.Once you’ve swapped out your beauty bag for natural, cruelty free alternatives, there are a few cult favorite eyelash growth serums out there that will give you next level lashes naturally.Below, check out 8 cult favorite lash growth serums that will make your own lashes look better than falsies:Lancer Lash Serum Intense $150Formulated without parabens, sulfates and phthalates, this lash serum is created with advanced polypeptides and amino acid rich biotin, as well as panthenol to give you stronger, lusher, more durable lashes. Plus, it includes nourishing pumpkin seed extract. Because of its high concentration of ricinoleic acid, vitamin E and Omega 6 and Omega 9 fats, it’s a great lubricant to promote hair growth. Get this bottle with lash and brow applicators here.(Michael Kors Baby Bag Outlet)

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Arizona State University researchers found that cutting food into smaller pieces boosts satiety more than eating one larger piece of food with the same number of calories. College students given a whole bagel ate more of it and downed more calories at a subsequent meal than those who were served the same bagel sliced into four pieces. Test this trick on yourself, or reach for loose foods, that naturally provide more, smaller pieces per serving, like grape tomatoes, berries, grapes, popcorn, nuts and seeds.(Michael Michael Kors Sloan Editor Star Studded Leather Shoulder Bag)

At a Senate Judiciary hearing on June 12, 2012 Holder claimed Mukasey was briefed “” on gunwalking tactics in Wide Receiver “”and did nothing to stop them nothing. “” When Sen. Grassley asked Holder’s office to provide any evidence to back the claim, Holder retracted it saying the statement was “”inadvertent. (Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Logo Zip Around Wallet)”

It’s not just the Middle East. This seemingly universal gesture is also hideously offensive in West Africa and South America, whose citizens would doubtless get really confused if they ever watched Ebert and Roeper. “This movie is great, Bill! So great that I’d like to anally rape it with my thumb!”(Michael Kors Miranda Bag Reviews)

My mom worked as a nurse before my dad retired her to start having kids on a semi professional basis, but she kept her nursing certification active through the years. That was an anomaly. Some women in the movement may go to college (only as a backup plan in case your husband becomes a paraplegic, of course), but birthing and caring for kids is the highest achievement a woman could or should aspire to. (Michael Kors Tote Bag)

The average legroom on a flight has shrunken an entire 4 inches since the 1970s which presents a problem for the American population. One third of all Americans are obese and many airlines even require passengers over a certain size to purchase a second seat. Luckily, a recently introduced bill making its way through the House and Senate may enforce the standards for legroom and improve the flying experience for all of us.(Michael Kors Pink Sequin Purse)

But Roark doesn’t know where Nancy lives, right? Yes, he does: Hartigan told him. Roark’s men had been following Hartigan since he got out of prison, and before he found Nancy in the strip club where she works, he stopped by her place. So they know where she lives and where she works, and that she could ruin Roark’s good name if she talked about what she saw honestly, not trying to kill her would be a huge oversight for any self respecting criminal organization.(Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Slim Bifold Saffinao Leather Wallet)