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At first glance you might mistake this gelatinous gasbag for a jellyfish on steroids, but a Portuguese man of war is actually a siphonophore that is, an “animal” that consists of a bunch of smaller organisms working together, and they all want to kill you. Yes, there’s an organized army inside this deceptively innocent looking murder machine.(Michael Kors Bags 2017)

Stoffel the honey badger may be in an enclosure at a South African wildlife rehabilitation center, but he cannot be kept down. Just ask Brian Jones, his keeper, who told the BBC about his prison breaks. Stoffel can unlatch a gate, and he taught his female friend to do the same. Hehas dug holes to tunnel out from under the cement walls that pen him in. He has piled up rocks like a ladder to get over those walls; when returned to the enclosure, he propped up a rake, scaled up it and hopped over again.(Michael Kors New Bags Uk)

As for glucuronolactone, a can of Red Bull does contain 600 mg of the stuff, which is 250 times a person’s normal intake. What are the effects? Nobody knows. The reason there are so many rumors about it is that there have been almost no studies into what it actually does. We don’t even know if it actually gives you energy.(Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Tote Bag)

The BLU 118/B is just as terrifying. It is “thermobaric,” which means it releases an explosive gas into the air before it blows up. This creates not just a mere localized explosion, but a traveling wave of fiery death that is “designed to tunnel through convoluted caves and pulverize anyone hiding as deep as 1,100 feet inside, and then incinerate whatever remains.”(Michael Kors Bedford Tassel Bag)

This control over their body temperature allows the monk to comfortably survive in temperatures experts call “scrotum negating, penguin urine cold.” Not only that, in an experiment that sounds more like outright torture, a group of monks were put in a cold room with cold, wet sheets draped around them. We’re not sure if some asshole scientists simply yelled “Hey, I found Nirvana inside this room,” and then slammed the door shut after the curious monks went in to check. But using their body temperature controlling meditation the monks managed to avoid becoming very holy popsicles.(Michael Kors Daytona Beach Outlet)