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When gaslighting appears, there is no reasoning, no sense of normalcy in the exchange. Thenarcissist is ready 24/7 to derail any attempt of their partner to talk about her concerns, interests, pain, needs, wants, etc. He proud that he failed her, and even prouder that he feels no remorse! To him, listening to her complaints is like marketing research that tells him on the right track to his goal, and to keep doing what he doing! He also derives pleasure from watching her spin her wheels, anxiously trying to prove her loyalty, etc.! In the long term, this works to train her brain to automaticallysilence herself, at some point, to feel her concerns and needs are irrelevant, and that it is normal to feel her feelings are invisible in relation to his. It not normal! It a serious pathology that puts others at risk of harm.(Michael Kors White Satchel Bag)

You might say something like “It feels weird to do it the other way,” but the point is that it’s hard to explain the rules of your own language . unless you’ve studied linguistics, in which case you know that this is because of a rule called intervocalic alveolar flapping. Yes, experts explain language using mainly a series of nonsense words. But even among linguists, it’s not totally clear .(Michael Kors Collection Bags)

Queen produced seven albums in Montreux, including the band’s 15th and final one, “Made in Heaven.” The band members knew they were recording on borrowed time; Mercury worked as much as his diminishing energy would allow, with the other three members accommodating his scheduling needs. “The band spent as much time as possible in the studio during this period,” says Julia Tames, media and communications representative for Montreux Riviera, the local tourist office where I checked in. “After he passed, the rest of the band finished the album.” (It was released four years after his death, in 1995.)(Michael Kors Phone Crossbody Wallet)

The cockpit is roughly as roomy and comfortable as a Pez dispenser, and there is no real navigation on board to speak of. The duo are hoping that once the craft’s liquid oxygen fuel carries it up into space, their calculations and the “laws of aerodynamics” will safely guide its screaming cargo back to Earth for a water landing slowed by parachutes, just like the old Apollo missions, because nothing bad ever happened on those.(Michael Kors Wallet Womens Sale)