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A lot of people will tell you not to mess with Argentine ants, because they assume, like all insects, AAs keep our delicate ecosystem in check in a variety of world saving ways. But I won’t say that, because I have a library card and my mother didn’t drink while she was pregnant with me. While most insects are important to our ecosystem, Argentine ants are far from it. They’re just awful bastards and they’re worse than mosquitoes. As annoying and malaria filled as mosquitoes are, we can’t get rid of them all, because they provide food for fish, and they also eat up lots of nasty algae and bacteria. They belong in a circle of life kind of way, the way that everything belongs.(Michael Kors Zip Top Bag)

The agency has received reports of 57 illnesses from 16 states related to the products from Aug. 5 to Sept. 6. Symptoms of salmonella poisoning include diarrhea, stomach cramps, and fever from 12 to 72 hours after eating the product. While most people recover without treatment, older adults, infants, and people with weaker immunity may have more severe symptoms.(Michael Kors Baby Bag)

The most helpful aspects of this plan for Deputy Food Editor Bonnie S. Benwick are that it is portion controlled and plant centric, which gets at two of her biggest personal challenges: reining in the amount she eats and getting enough vegetables. The four soups themselves come in at about 1,200 calories a day, and if she adds one or two snacks, that should be right in range for her to lose weight at a healthy pace. (It would probably not be enough calories for many men or extremely active women.) I am eager to get her reaction to the amount of food allotted. Will she think it seems small, or will she be surprised about how satisfied she is?(Neon Yellow MK Purse)

I would have to come back for the seminars, but I walked through the old town and into the ancestral covered souk of Acre, allowing the dim light and the aromas to transport me to a different, ancient era. I stood in line for delicious, smooth hummus at the stall of Humus Said and then bargained like a fiend for the most fragrant spices at Hamudi Kurdi Spices and Turkish Coffee.(Bedford Crossbody Bag Michael Kors)

While arguments about sugar and other additives continue, these days a growing group of rum producers argue not for the superiority of one style or process over another, but simply for more transparency and more informative labeling so consumers have more understanding of the spirit they’re drinking and what they like.(Michael Kors Alligator Bag)

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Bringing Giger on board turned out to be the decision that shaped the entire movie that itself spawned a franchise and some of the most recognizable images in all of film history. Giger designed the alien, the derelict ship and its captain, and the alien landscape. And every last bit of it is loaded with galactic penises and space vaginas.(Michael Kors Jet Set Vanilla Signature Tote Bag)

At the time, O’Bannon was coming off Dark Star, a comedy directed by horror luminary John Carpenter. Dark Star wound up being as big a disaster as a boy scout selling candy in a village of werewolves, so for revenge O’Bannon vowed to make a movie that would allow him to rape movie going audiences right under their noses.(Michael Kors Jet Set Signature Tote Bag)

Marvel’s movies have always featured mind blowing visual effects, from the computer generated Hulk to Iron Man’s suit to whatever digital wizardry makes it look like the team is happy to have Hawkeye hanging around. The epic crossover Infinity War was no exception. Most impressive was the central villain, Thanos, who’s completely realistic even though he looks like a California Raisin who got super into CrossFit.(Michael Kors Crossbody Shoulder Bag)

From the park, we take a city bus to the headquarters of the Nowa Huta steelworks. Along the way, Izabela, who I learn also studies psychology at that ancient Jagiellonian University in the Old Town, says, “There is one thing Nowa Huta didn’t include, which people kept asking for, what do you think that was?”(Michael Kors Leopard Hamilton Bag)

We have decided for our family, that to avoid even the appearance of scandal and to protect all parties involved, it is best to avoid ever putting our priest friends or any priest in a situation where they are alone with a child of ours. I’m not talking about casual one on one talks with Father on the playground during recess, but being alone in a car, in a closed room, in a private home, etc. We are also exceedingly cautious about whom we leave our children with, and take into consideration the circumstances of any home or place they’ll be visiting. Most abuse takes place within the context of the extended family or trusted circle of friends, and we have chosen to err on the side of potentially giving offense by being “too careful.”(Michael Kors Jet Set Charm Camera Bag)