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Zaqtan’s narrative is lyrical, heartbreaking and profound. Rooted in Palestine a land that stood the test of time and would go on to become the hub of early and modern civilizations the story is captivating enough to transport us to the hideaway monastery in Nuba Karam or the vineyards of Beit Jalla, the new homes for several villagers forced into exile.(Tile Blue Michael Kors Purse)

What’s soothing to a stuffy nose may not be so gentle on the eyes. Over the counter decongestants are the go to medicines for easing cold and flu symptoms, hay fever and sinusitis. They work by narrowing blood vessels in the membranes of the nose. Blood flow to swollen nasal tissue is reduced, allowing blocked up noses to breathe with greater ease. Nasal decongestants come as pills, liquids and nasal sprays. They’re sold under a slew of brand names containing ingredients like phenylephrine, pseudoephedrine and oxymetazoline. But like antihistamines, they decrease tear production. Some products on the drugstore shelves combine an antihistamine and a decongestant a double whammy on the eyes.(Michael Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Saffiano Leather Crossbody Bag)

If you could know ahead of time whether or not your potential husband was a one man stud farm or loaded up with a bunch of jizz duds, would you want to know? What if we told you the way to find out involved measuring a little patch of male anatomy best left to the crotch of his drawers?(Michael Kors Large Tote Bag)

Stauffenberg fled when he found out his assassination attempt had failed and that the Fuhrer was explosion proof. When the other conspirators found out that Hitler was still alive, they lost their nerve and Operation Valkyrie never went into effect. After the coup never got off the ground, several conspirators committed suicide, and Fromm turned in the rest to save his own skin. Unfortunately for him, Hitler wasn’t nearly as forgiving as his fiery public speeches and penchant for genocide would lead you to believe, and Fromm was executed along with the remaining conspirators.(Michael Kors Pink Black Bag)

Building off of last year’s wabi sabi trend, we’re seeing the perfectly imperfect look of brushstrokes on items from ceramics to textiles. Traditional “stripe prints” are up in searches on Etsy by 62 percent in the last three months. Though the brushstroke trend is mostly seen in ceramics right now, Etsy predicts we’ll see the look move into textiles soon, too.(Michael Kors Outlet Panama City Beach)

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Bone meal is usually available at garden centers. Guano, rock phosphate and kelp meal may seem too costly or too difficult to obtain, but they add considerable fortitude to the plants and increase the nutritional content of your vegetables. Go as far down the recipe as you can afford, but if you can’t find the more exotic materials toward the bottom, don’t worry too much. However, if concerns about money stop you from obtaining kelp meal, rock dust or a phosphate supplement, I suggest taking a hard look at your priorities. In my opinion, you can’t spend too much money creating maximum nutrition in your food a dollar spent here will save several in health care costs over the long term.(Michael Kors Textured Leather Chain Wallet)

Because what you will lose is whatever you were doing instead of running, and whether you know it or not, every single thing you’re doing right now is valuable to you. “But I spent two hours yesterday staring at my ceiling and making fart noises with my mouth!” Right, but you did it for a reason. You were filling some need. Maybe it’s just stress relief, I don’t know but I know that you did it because in that moment, you didn’t want to do anything else.(MK Card Wallet)

The first rooms are expected to be ready in just under three years’ time.Story Link Work starts to create Coventry’s tallest building a student blockRob Talliss, director of estates development at Coventry University said: “We’re pleased that the scheme has received its final planning approval from the city council, and are now very much looking forward to seeing the new building taking shape.”As we move forward with the development, we remain very aware of the concerns of the people of Coventry, but are keen to reassure that the long term benefit of the city is at the heart of this scheme as it will help us to make significant steps towards reducing numbers moving into housing in the city.”The development is a joint venture between Coventry University and Barberry Developments.Story Link ‘Development should be welcomed’ Coventry reacts to student accommodation plansPart of the development is on the site of the former city walls. (Baby Blue MK Purse)

Amusement parks are megahits as well, when they’ll have a rip roaring time on the kiddie rides and are finally tall enough to get on some of the big kid rides. They have the perfect amount of freewheeling imagination. Nicole Zambell of Scotch Plains, NJ, says her 5 year old was swept away by the magic of Disney World. (Michael Kors Florence Wallet)

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Airlines may soon be legally required to increase seat sizes on airplanesThe seat width and legroom of airplane seats could soon be regulated. Ted S. Warren/APThe bill would mean a number of other significant changes for airline travel, including a minimum for airplane bathroom size and newer standards for service animals.(Michael Kors Pink Small Purse)

McAuley is unlikely to be a regular in Gerrard’s team but the 38 year old Northern Irishman is a huge asset to have around the training ground. He’s played in the Premier League and at the European Championships for his country so is the perfect man to give the likes of Goldson, Katic and Worrall a word of advice.Rangers in training ahead of HeartsSportallMost ReadMost RecentEuropa LeagueRangers victory helps Scotland’s UEFA coefficient jump another place but what does it mean for our clubs?Steven Gerrard’s side made it 10 European games unbeaten with a win against Rapid Vienna last night and together with Celtic have given Scotland’s coefficient a shot in the arm.Rangers FCRangers players gave fans a night they thought they’d never see again with superb Euro win big match verdictThe Ibrox side were excellent as they beat Rapid Vienna and it was a far cry from the lows of Division Three in 2012. (Dark Brown Michael Kors Purse)

Still, alive is alive, and not everyone who’s found themselves on the business end of an unnecessarily intense gambling arrest has been so lucky. Take the unspeakably unnerving case of 38 year old optometrist Sal Culosi. A Fairfax County, Virginia, detective named David Baucum overheard Culosi placing a small bet on a Washington Redskins game with a few friends at a local bar.(Brown MK Wallet)

Jessie James Harris, who died of a heart attackafter being arrested for “obstructing police.” There was no mention of his diabetes or his history of heart diseasein the jail’s medical records. Paul Heytens, who killed himself after a drunken driving arrest. He had been prescribed anti depressants that the jail never gave him. (Michael Kors Black And White Selma Bag Uk)

A few women came up, trying to get me to buy trinkets, which included beaded bracelets and paintings with sand mixed into the pigment. I firmly told them no, but one woman put a bracelet on my arm anyway. “It’s free, it’s a gift,” she said with a smile. When I thanked her and started to walk away, she said, “You are going to buy something from me, right? That’s why I gave you that.” In the end guilted by my “gift” I bought a shell necklace.(Images Of Celebrities With Michael Kors Bags)