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Wear a dark colored evening gown.[1]While daytime weddings often favor lighter tones for women’s dresses, it’s the opposite for evening weddings. A darker evening gown will reflect the peaceful air of the night. A good evening gown should be flowing and silky. Browsing examples of typical evening gowns will give you a closer idea of what you should wear to the wedding.(Michael Kors Purse Sale Clearance)

If you looking for a terrace hot spot overlooking Central Park, head to Viceroy New York. Sip on an expansive collection of small batch spirits, regionally brewed craft beers, global wine offerings and a selection of classic and modern cocktails that highlight market fresh ingredients. Signature cocktails include the GG Manhattan and Spicy Paloma. Small plates include Artichoke Hummus and Meatball Sliders. For an indoor dining experience, head down to Chef Marc Murphy’s Kingside on the ground floor of the property, making this destination one of our favorite NYC staycations.(Mercer Tote Bag Michael Kors)

For nearly 150 years, the Cressoni Theater hosted some of the greatest operas to come through northern Italy but its final curtain call came years ago. In 1997, the building in Como was turned into a movie theater. Now, it’s being gutted to make way for the lakeside city’s newest luxury apartments.(MK Vivian Bag)

By the time our eight day visit to Salvador ended, Maverick had practiced several times with Bahia’s squad for 14 year olds and made friends with lots of Brazilians his age. He also learned to answer the “Baiah!” call with a local comeback that’s a little too off color to translate here.(Michael Kors Red Cheetah Purse)

Recalling the devastation and violence faced by those migrating from their homes and country, Zaqtan’s ability to take his readers through the same mountain paths and into the soul of his characters is a cause for applause. As Zaqtan writes of his central character, Zakariyya, “he felt he was walking inside a book, stumbling inside stories that had circulated in these hills since his birth. Journeys and names repeating themselves in succession without end.” And while the novel succeeds in digging deep into the annals of history, it also makes the reader realize how much impact the land of Palestine has had on the two characters and the various stories generating from the region.(Tiny Michael Kors Purse)