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You might say something like “It feels weird to do it the other way,” but the point is that it’s hard to explain the rules of your own language . unless you’ve studied linguistics, in which case you know that this is because of a rule called intervocalic alveolar flapping. Yes, experts explain language using mainly a series of nonsense words. But even among linguists, it’s not totally clear .(Michael Kors Collection Bags)

Darcel Rockett: These women are family. Frankly, I’m surprised that they already don’t live in a “Melrose Place” esque kind of cul de sac/apartment house where they can just yell out the window to each other when the need arises. But I gotta say, while I have no qualms about Desna being the dutiful roomie, I am skeptical about Dean joining the fray that is Jen’s level of cray cray. Desna’s “life choices” typically don’t involve bringing it to her home base. So I can only think this will end badly for both Jen and Des. But maybe that’s the plan.(Michael Kors Logo Wallet)

It might seem crazy that nurses would have a high rate of addiction, considering that we’re more knowledgeable about the horrible effects of drugs than the average person. But that’s the problem: We’re too close to drugs. We have access to all the clean paraphernalia that you could ever need, and we’re not worried about overdosing on some dirty batch of brown sugar heroin. These aren’t street drugs they’re FDA approved pharmaceuticals. Once you learn an opiate’s dark and beautiful secrets, you start to think of them as dangerous yet misunderstood, like that girl in torn fishnets you met at a Nine Inch Nails concert, as opposed to just dangerous, like that guy who sleeps at the car wash and hides razor blades beneath his tongue.(Blush Pink Michael Kors Purse)

This is important, because a higher center of gravity gives you a competitive edge in running, while a lower one helps when it comes to swimming. According to one researcher, “Locomotion is essentially a continual process of falling forward, and mass that falls from a higher altitude, falls faster.” So when we see West African runners mop up the international track floor, it’s not a sketchy, racially charged theory that’s helping them succeed. What we’re seeing is a hidden height advantage provided by belly buttons that are 1.18 inches higher than those of their white competitors.(Michael Kors Jet Set Bag)