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It’s telling that she suited up in straight woman drag for dinner with her parents; that relationship may be estranged but she knows they have expectations, even superficial ones about how she’s dressed and how she does her hair. I wish we had heard her inner monologue when her parents came out, because that’s some intense and yes, understandable secret keeping. It’s worth noting that the terrific series “Vida” (which just wrapped its first season on Starz) also features a matriarch who kept the very same secret from her children. Both shows give us a glimpse into what it means to be adult Latina children who’ve felt shunned by their parents because of their sexuality, only to realize belatedly they have more in common than they ever thought.(Blue MK Wallet)

Modern astronauts are able to counter the worst of these effects with heavy exercise, but if you’re going to be gone for decades (and more on that in a moment), you’re going to have to make your own gravity. The only plausible way we’ve ever come up with for doing this is to spin the freaking ship around so fast that it pins you to the floor.(Michael Kors Women’s Work Bags)

Police in northern Indiana stared at the jerky handwritten scrawl in May 1990, realizing this was the most significant clue to drop in the region’s most publicized unsolved crime. In 1988, 8 year old April Tinsley had been found murdered and sexually assaulted. Two years later, police were now studying the white building on a stretch of lonely rural road, fields running to the horizon on all sides. The message appeared to be a confession as well as a taunt and a threat.(Cheap Michael Kors Diaper Bag)

We rent bikes from the hotel and ride about 10 minutes into town, known as “the pueblo,” where the locals live. Although much of this area feels like a small, sleepy, dusty community with rows of squat, flat roof homes, it doesn’t take long to spot the hipster element an uncanny number of beards and man buns that recently inspired New York Magazine to proclaim Tulum “the Williamsburg of Mexico.” At Ki’Bok cafe, a friendly, bearded man who may have a California accent serves us iced Americanos to rival any. More tanned, bearded hipsters at the neighboring Batey drink all natural mojitos made with fresh sugar cane rather than sugar. Even a billboard sports a fair skinned bearded man donning a fedora. “That’s what they think we all look like!” whispers my husband, his own vacation beard starting to show.(Michael Michael Kors Ciara Medium Leather Messenger Bag)