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Two New York City entrepreneurs think they might have the solution. Fine and Janet Lieberman women don orgasm as frequently as men because no attention is given to the clitoris. So they invented “Eva,” the marquee product of their planned sex toy company Dame Products, which they currently raising money for on Indiegogo. The Eva is being touted as the first hands free, strap free vibrator to assist women during vaginal intercourse because a whopping 70% of women need clitoral stimulation to climax during sex.(Michael Kors Purse Whitney)

As we mentioned here, with just a pair of eyeballs, a ruler and a negligent sense of propriety or fear, you can learn a whole mess of intimate details about any person at any given time. But why stop there? Here are five more shockingly personal things you can guess about anyone just by looking at them.(Michael Kors Bags Ebay)

At the end of the week, we take one last walk along the soft sands and snap a final photo of that turquoise blue, and then pack up our bags and hop in the car, headed toward the Cancun airport. As my husband slowly passes over those speed bumps in the middle of the highway, we’re able to look back at our early misadventure with a little perspective. We agree that the $195 we paid for the ride here may have been a bargain. Left to our own devices, who knows what that rental car would have looked like after we drove full speed ahead over the first set of bumps? Scam or not, maybe there was some kind of safety element to that whole ordeal, after all.(Michael Michael Kors Jessie Medium Pebbled Leather Shoulder Bag)

Then he sent me an email on the weekend, mainly to let me know that he never sends emails on the weekend. “I want to get this signed by Monday morning. Your song played huge when we tested it in Miami, we want to sign you and fly you down.” But at the same time, he was like, “These references are VERY current and your record will expire really soon. YOU HAVE TO SIGN IMMEDIATELY.”(Purses Like Michael Kors)