Perhaps Success Is Merely The Ability To Spend Our Time On The Things That Are Important To Us

When I ask clients the question, “What do you really want?Where are you going?They teach you how to use your body, feet, legs and voice with power, from a standing position or after you have been pulled to the ground.
Most are rather small, just big enough for the bare essentials.

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Manhattan Portage helped popularize this style of bag back in the 90’s, and they have been in high demand ever since.
Men can improve their carrying abilities, depending on their work dress code, by wearing cargo pants with a number of pockets, or carrying a briefcase or small backpack with them to work.

If it must go in your pocket, you’ll have to use a smaller container and be more creative in the way you carry anything that doesn’t fit.Perhaps success is merely the ability to spend our time on the things that are important to us.

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