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The center itself is also pretty much a buzzing hive of people talking non stop in a headache inducing slurry of white noise and random snippets of repetitive banter which can and does lead to a lot of health issues for the agents. As much as 10 percent of working time at some centers is lost to sick days due to the various job stresses one faces when working in such an epic shithole.(Michael Kors Outlet Store In Sawgrass Mall)

In the game version of Baby’s Day Out, you don’t play the baby. The baby has been left alone to crawl. Instead, you play a poltergeist in charge of helping it reach its goal. At the start of every level, the baby is safely confined in an enclosed area and it’s your job to ruin that. You open gates for it, lure it up ladders, and let it fall off ledges until it succeeds. It’s the kind of fucked up game that Chinese mothers would describe as “Normal Everyday Baby Raise.”(Michael Kors Office Bag)

The reason he was Pacino ing into the radio was because there was a Cessna Citation jet about to touch down on that runway. Had I given the fuel truck the go ahead, it would’ve collided with the plane and created a Michael Bay Christmas card. The voice in my headset? It wasn’t the local controller it was the trainee. He just happened to remember the landing plane that his trainer had forgotten. That’s actually a radar facility, which tends to be miles (even hundreds of miles) from most of the airfields they service. We had a radar screen in our tower, but by the time a plane descends to a certain altitude, that radar is spectacularly unreliable I’m using binoculars to see my aircraft at that point, and then I’m switching to the plain old naked eye once they’re a bit closer to my airspace. It’s always better to physically put eyes on something than rely on a piece of equipment to tell you where it is. If the opposite were true, airplanes wouldn’t even have windows.(Cheap Michael Kors Side Purses)

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