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The Mission Hills nursery is just one quiet section of a fairly large facility, but the patients need little space. The tiniest which on this day included 2 week old siblings named Leroy, Lucas, Lacy and Loraine snooze on blankets spread over heating pads in rectangular fish tanks, cuddling up to stuffed animals that stand in for missing mothers.(Saffiano Tote Bag Michael Kors)

Traditionally, women made a batch of the frosty treat when the men returned with a freshly killed polar bear or seal. But consider this: An average serving of reindeer fat packs a whopping 91 grams of fat. A different version made with fish, berries, and seal oil contains 9 grams of fat.Arizona: Quadruple Bypass BurgerThe Grand Canyon State takes celebrating fatty foods to a whole new level at the Heart Attack Grill. (Michael Kors White Logo Bag)

Designed by Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter and built in 1922, Phantom Ranch has dorms and cabins for 92 overnight guests and a canteen that serves breakfast and dinner to those who’ve made advance reservations. The canteen also sells snacks and cold drinks. Three Snickers bars bought here helped me finish my first R3. Although I’d been in the canteen and past the ranch before, I had never taken the time to see it. Now that I wasn’t in a rush, I wanted to see the lodge that is the toughest reservation to get, and physically the toughest to get to, of those covered by the National Park Service. Also, I had begun to rethink my plan to do an R3 without stopping.(Mint Green MK Purse)

It’s true that fast food menus are stacked with diet bombs. But it is possible to find a nutritious meal at most chains. We asked doctors and nutritionists to share their go to orders at seven popular restaurants. Here’s what they choose to save big on saturated fat, sodium, and calories.(Michael Kors Mercer Bag Sale)

At 22, I looked like the skeleton of a fashion model, so I bought a bunch of weight gain powder and mixed it with half and half in an effort to become a real boy. All I did was sweat milk byproduct and break a toilet at work. I didn’t gain one goddamn pound.(Michael Kors Outlet Store Pennsylvania)

Humans are really bad with numbers, and it manifests itself in a whole bunch of different ways in the world of retail. It’s the reason you will patiently wait for a sweater to go on sale so you can get it for 10% off, then buy it with a credit card and wind up paying more than the original retail price once the interest is figured in. It’s the reason we’ll take a longer mortgage on a house in exchange for a lower payment, because we can’t wrap our minds around the idea that the longer mortgage means over time we’re going to pay $50,000 more for the exact same house.(Michael Kors Black Tote Purse)